Twittbot Gem Version Inline docs

Twittbot is the next generation of my old Twitter bot, twittbot-nd.


Installation is just as easy as installing the Rubygem:

$ gem install twittbot


Create a new bot:

$ twittbot new bot-name
$ cd bot-name

Authorize with Twitter:

$ twittbot auth

Add yourself as a botadmin:

$ twittbot add-admin nilsding

Add a template, such as for a simple reply bot:

$ twittbot generate random-reply

random-reply is a template that accepts a configuration. You can configure it by editing ./etc/random_reply.yml with a text editor of your choice. And, if you want to, you can also change its behaviour by editing ./lib/random_reply.rb.

To list available templates, try this:

$ twittbot list-templates

Finally, run the bot:

$ twittbot start