OpenTox Dataset

  • An OpenTox REST Webservice
  • Stores associations between compounds and features in datasets
  • Implements a subset of the OpenTox compound API 1.2
  • Supports the internal YAML representation of opentox-ruby

REST operations

Get a list of datasets  GET     /       -                       List of dataset URIs    200,400,404
Get a dataset           GET     /{id}   -                       Dataset representation  200,400,404
Upload a dataset        POST    /       Dataset representation  Dataset URI             200,400,404 
Delete a dataset        DELETE  /{id}   -                       -                       200,404
Delete all datasets     DELETE  /       -                       -                       200,404

Supported MIME formats (

  • application/rdf+xml (default): read/write OWL-DL
  • application/x-yaml: read/write YAML


Get a list of all datasets


Upload a dataset

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type:application/rdf+xml" --data-binary @{my_rdf_file}

Get a dataset representation


Delete a dataset

curl -X DELETE{id}

API documentation

Copyright (c) 2009-2011 Christoph Helma, Martin Guetlein, Micha Rautenberg, Andreas Maunz, David Vorgrimmler, Denis Gebele. See LICENSE for details.