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This is the entire codebase for the Mailpenny app. Mailpenny uses Mailgun to send/receive email.


Clone the repository, and then run:

bundle install --without production
bundle exec rake db:setup

It's a good idea to run five consoles:

  1. Server with bundle exec rails server
  2. Guard with bundle exec guard
  3. Rails console with bundle exec rails console
  4. Yard server with bundle exec yard server --reload
  5. A regular terminal for git and file manipulation


Generate docs using the yard command, and they will be saved in doc/.

Run yard server --reload which generates a fresh docs from your code on refresh, to keep an eye on your method docs.


Run guard in a console to continuously test the app on every save.


Test with bundle exec rake test before deploying!

Mailpenny uses postgresql as the DB, and in production automatically loads from the DATABASE_URL config var.

If using heroku, remember to run heroku run rake db:create && heroku run rake db:setup