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PuTTY::Key is a pure-Ruby implementation of the PuTTY private key (ppk) format, handling reading and writing .ppk files. It includes a refinement to Ruby's OpenSSL library to add support for converting DSA, EC and RSA private keys to and from PuTTY private key files. This allows OpenSSH ecdsa, ssh-dss and ssh-rsa private keys to be converted to and from PuTTY's private key format.


To install the PuTTY::Key gem, run the following command:

gem install putty-key

To add PuTTY::Key as a Bundler dependency, add the following line to your Gemfile:

gem 'putty-key'


PuTTY::Key is compatible with Ruby MRI 2.1.0+ and Rubinius 2.5.4+ (provided the OpenSSL standard library is available).

JRuby will be supported (DSA/DSS and RSA keys only) once jruby-openssl pull requests #82 and #83 have been released.


To use PuTTY::Key, it must first be loaded with:

require 'putty/key'

The included refinement to Ruby's OpenSSL library can then either be activated in the lexical scope (file, class or module) where it will be used with:

using PuTTY::Key

or installed globally by calling:


Note that Rubinius (as of version 3.22) does not support refinements, so the global installation approach is required.

JRuby (as of version includes support for refinements, but there are still outstanding issues. The global installation approach is preferable on JRuby.

The following sections give examples of how PuTTY::Key can be used.

Converting a .pem formatted key file to an unencrypted .ppk file

require 'openssl'
require 'putty/key'
using PuTTY::Key    # or PuTTY::Key.global_install

pem = File.read('key.pem', mode: 'rb')
pkey = OpenSSL::PKey.read(pem)
ppk = pkey.to_ppk
ppk.comment = 'Optional comment'

Generating a new RSA key and saving it as an encrypted .ppk file

require 'openssl'
require 'putty/key'
using PuTTY::Key    # or PuTTY::Key.global_install

rsa = OpenSSL::PKey::RSA.generate(2048)
ppk = rsa.to_ppk
ppk.comment = 'RSA 2048'
ppk.save('rsa.ppk', 'Passphrase for encryption')

Converting an unencrypted .ppk file to .pem format

require 'openssl'
require 'putty/key'
using PuTTY::Key    # or PuTTY::Key.global_install

ppk = PuTTY::Key::PPK.new('key.ppk')
pkey = OpenSSL::PKey.from_ppk(ppk)
pem = pkey.to_pem
File.write('key.pem', pem, mode: 'wb')

Decrypting a .ppk file and re-saving it without encryption

require 'putty/key'

ppk = PuTTY::Key::PPK.new('rsa.ppk', 'Passphrase for encryption')

API Documentation

API documentation for PuTTY::Key is available on RubyDoc.info.


PuTTY::Key is distributed under the terms of the MIT license. A copy of this license can be found in the included LICENSE file.

GitHub Project

Source code, release information and the issue tracker can be found on the PuTTY::Key GitHub project page.