Plivo Ruby Library

Gem Version Dependency Status

Important: A new version of the Ruby SDK 4.0.0.beta.2 is released as a public Beta and is now available on Visit the 4.0 release branch to know more.


The Plivo Ruby library simplifies the process of making REST calls and generating RESTXML.

See Plivo Documentation for more information.

GEM Installation

$ sudo gem install plivo

Manual Installation

To use the rake command to build the gem and

Download the source and run: $ sudo gem install /path/to/plivo/gem

to finish the installation


gem "rest-client", "~> 1.6.7"
gem "json", "~> 1.6.6"
gem "htmlentities", "~> 4.3.1"


To use the Plivo Ruby library, you will need to specify the AUTH_ID and AUTH_TOKEN, before you can make REST requests.

See Plivo Documentation for more information.


lib/plivo.rb: include this library in your code


The Plivo Ruby library is distributed under the MPL 1.1 License