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Project Manager for Moon


basalt new NAME
# this will create a new basalt ready project


  • 09/05/2015 (0.13.0)

    • Project has been removed, basalt is now purely a package manager.
  • 11/04/2015 (0.12.3)

    • Fixed issue where packages that were not stated in the Basaltfile would be included.
    • Added autoload option for pkg defs in a Basaltfile, this allows you to finetune the output of the packages/load, preventing certain packages from loading automatically.
  • 03/03/2015 (0.12.1)

    • Added conflicts field for pkg.yml This can be used to stop a package from being included with another package, which may cause it to unstable. This is for cases such as having 2 different packages which define the same system. (possibly different versions)
  • 02/03/2015 (0.12.0)

    • Added -f, --basaltfile option
  • 12/02/2015 (0.10.1)

    • Added install_method setting for Basaltfile

    This allows the changing of the installation method for packages, by default this is 'ref', which means to symlink the package into the current package. Use 'copy' to copy the package instead.

    set install_method: 'copy'
    # insert your packaging here

    Please note you can overload the install_method per package by including it as an option.

    set install_method: 'copy'
    pkg 'my-awesome-package', install_method: 'ref' # will be symlinked from the repo
    pkg 'my-notso-awesome-package' # will be copied from the repo
    • New CLI options
    • -v, --verbose

    Verbose can be very talky, this is helpful when you need to debug its cluttered internals.

    • -i, --install-method=METHOD

    As with the previous addition, install, update, sync commands now use the --install-method option.

      basalt install -i copy
  • 07/02/2015 (0.10.0)

    • module(s) -> package(s)
    • Basaltmods -> Basaltfile

    This change affects the entire codebase and CLI app, from here on, modules are not reffered to as packages instead. NOTE: no effort has been made to make this backwards compatable with the "modules" convention used previoiusly.

      basalt package new
        # new command for quickly creating new packages
      basalt package install
        # install a package into an existing project, this will read
        # an existing Basaltfile and install the package to the directory
        # specified
      basalt package uninstall
        # revserse of install, removes a package from the project
      basalt package sync
        # removes old packages and installs new packages
      basalt package update
        # same as sync
      basalt package list
        # lists both the available and installed packages, packages are
        # color-coded based on their state
      basalt package list-available
        # lists all available packages in the repo.
      basalt package list-installed
        # lists all currently installed packages in the project.
        # NOTE: this will only read the existing Basaltfile and report what
        #       has been chosen.
        #       The package, MAY or MAY NOT be installed at all until basalt
        #       package update has been ran