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Provides table support for PrawnPDF.

Originally written by Brad Ediger with community contributions.


This is currently an experimental extraction and is not actively maintained by the Prawn maintainers. Yet, Prawn maintenance team will help you integrate your pull requests. Please reach out to the Prawn maintenance team if you are interested in helping maintaining this project.


A snapshot of Prawn::Table's manual can be found here:

You can also generate a manual yourself by cloning the repository, running bundle, then running rake manual.

All the example files in the manual folder can be run individually.

Development priority

The main development priority is refactoring the code in order to reduce its complexity and thus make it more readable. By doing this, we will be able to more easily stabilize the codebase, which currently has a high defect density.

Feature requests

Additional features are welcome, but I won't find time to implement them myself anytime soon. If you can implement them yourself simply send a pull request with any new features. Please be sure to add extensive test cases and documentation for the new feature.

In case of more complex features it probably would make sense to discuss them in an issue before you go ahead and implement them.

Bug reports

Please use the github issue tracker to file bug reports.

If possible include a failing rspec test case with a seperate pull request and tag it as unresolved and with the issue number. Example:

it 'illustrates my problem', :unresolved, issue: 1 do
  # test

This way anyone else fixing it will have a clearer understanding of the problem and can be sure it's fixed.