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Open videos on a blocked site using a free SSL web proxy, such as Youtube, Facebook, or GenMirror, on your smartphone or computer.  You do not need to install anything.

Just enter the URL of the blocked site in the form above and the site will be opened, anywhere, on any device. For mobile devices, GenMirror greatly saves bandwidth when crawling blocked web pages. By using GenMirror, your ID will not be fully disclosed and nothing will be written about the user's activities, so you will hide the site you are visiting and make the user completely personal.

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The most Fresh Unblocked proxy site

BlockAway is a free proxy that allows you to open any website and keep your personal information anonymous. It covers all types of network restrictions, for example you can watch YouTube videos that are not available locally. Our job is to make it easy to access data and share it with everyone.

What Is Proxy?

In simple terms, we can define a proxy site as a visual link between the user and the target server. You can access any blocked site privately using the proxy site. Outside of the section, you may be concerned that if the site is blocked and access to it appears to be illegal. By the way, do not worry about this, because proxy sites also give you security. You will receive a random IP address created by the host site to block your actual IP address. This means that your IP address will not be displayed on the address server and you can browse the web anonymously.