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This is a port of the Typesafe Config library to Ruby.

The library provides Ruby support for the HOCON configuration file format.

At present, it supports supports parsing and modification of existing HOCON/JSON files via the ConfigFactory class and the ConfigValueFactory class, and rendering parsed config objects back to a String. It also supports the parsing and modification of HOCON/JSON files via ConfigDocumentFactory. PLEASE NOTE this project is in an experimental state, and in some cases may not work properly, so please be wary when using it. If you find a problem, feel free to open a github issue.

The implementation is intended to be as close to a line-for-line port as the two languages allow, in hopes of making it fairly easy to port over new changesets from the Java code base over time.

Basic Usage

gem install hocon

To use the simple API, for reading config values:

require 'hocon'

conf = Hocon.load("myapp.conf")
puts "Here's a setting: #{conf["foo"]["bar"]["baz"]}"

To use the ConfigDocument API, if you need both read/write capability for modifying settings in a config file, or if you want to retain access to things like comments and line numbers:

require 'hocon/parser/config_document_factory'
require 'hocon/config_value_factory'

# The below 4 variables will all be ConfigDocument instances
doc = Hocon::Parser::ConfigDocumentFactory.parse_file("myapp.conf")
doc2 = doc.set_value("a.b", "[1, 2, 3, 4, 5]")
doc3 = doc.remove_value("a")
doc4 = doc.set_config_value("a.b", Hocon::ConfigValueFactory.from_any_ref([1, 2, 3, 4, 5]))

doc_has_value = doc.has_value?("a") # returns boolean
orig_doc_text = doc.render # returns string


bundle install
bundle exec rspec spec

Unsupported Features

This supports many of the same things as the Java library, but there are some notable exceptions. Unsupported features include:

  • Non file includes
  • Loading resources from the class path or URLs
  • Properties files
  • Parsing anything other than files and strings
  • Duration and size settings
  • Java system properties