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  "000000" => {
    "symbol" => "EBICS_OK",
    "short_text" => "OK",
    "meaning" => "No technical errors occurred during processing of the EBICS request",
  "011000" => {
    "short_text" => "Positive acknowledgement received",
    "meaning" => "After receipt of a positive acknowledgement the download task was finished at the server's end and the EBICS transaction ended.",
  "011001" => {
    "short_text" => "Negative acknowledgement received",
    "meaning" => "After receipt of a negative acknowledgement the transaction was ended at the server's end without finishing the download task",
  "011101" => {
    "short_text" => "Segment number not reached",
    "meaning" => "The total number of segments transmitted during transaction initialisation was not reached (i.e. the attribute @lastSegment was set to \"true\" before the specified segment number was reached)",
  "031001" => {
    "short_text" => "Unknown order parameters are ignored",
    "meaning" => "E.g. OrderParams for Upload specified",
  "061001" => {
    "short_text" => "Authentication signature error",
    "meaning" => "Verification of the authentication signature was not successful",
  "061002" => {
    "symbol" => "EBICS_INVALID_REQUEST",
    "short_text" => "Message not EBICSconformant",
    "meaning" => "The syntax of the received message does not conform with EBICS specifications",
  "061099" => {
    "symbol" => "EBICS_INTERNAL_ERROR",
    "short_text" => "Internal EBICS error",
    "meaning" => "An internal error occurred during",
  "061101" => {
    "symbol" => "EBICS_TX_RECOVERY_SYNC",
    "short_text" => "Synchronisation necessary",
    "meaning" => "Recovery of the transaction requires synchronisation between the customer system and the bank system Continuation of the transaction using the recovery point from the bank system's EBICS response",
  "091002" => {
    "short_text" => "Subscriber unknown or subscriber state inadmissible",
    "meaning" => "Either the initiating party is not known to the bank system or the subscriber state that is stored in the bank of the initiating party is inadmissible with regard to the order type",
  "091003" => {
    "symbol" => "EBICS_USER_UNKNOWN",
    "short_text" => "Subscriber unknown",
    "meaning" => "The initiating party is not known to the bank system",
  "091004" => {
    "symbol" => "EBICS_INVALID_USER_STATE",
    "short_text" => "Subscriber state unknown",
    "meaning" => "The subscriber state of the initiating party that is stored in the bank system is inadmissible with regard to the order type",
  "091005" => {
    "symbol" => "EBICS_INVALID_ORDER_TYPE",
    "short_text" => "Order type inadmissible",
    "meaning" => "The order type is unknown or not approved for use with EBICS",
  "091006" => {
    "short_text" => "Order type not supported",
    "meaning" => "The selected order type is optional with EBICS and is not supported by the financial institution",
  "091007" => {
    "short_text" => "Subscriber possesses no authorisation of signature for the referenced order in the VEU administration (Request recent signature folder)",
    "meaning" => "Retrieve recent signature folder with permissible orders of order type HVU (or HVZ, respectively)",
  "091008" => {
    "short_text" => "Bank key invalid",
    "meaning" => "The public bank key that is available to the subscriber is invalid",
  "091009" => {
    "short_text" => "Segment size exceeded",
    "meaning" => "The specified size of an upload order data segment (in the case of H003: 1 MB) has been exceeded",
  "091010" => {
    "symbol" => "EBICS_INVALID_XML",
    "short_text" => "XML invalid according to EBICS XML schema",
    "meaning" => "XML validation with EBICS schema failed or XML not well-formed",
  "091011" => {
    "symbol" => "EBICS_INVALID_HOST_ID",
    "short_text" => "The transmitted HostID is unknown on the bank's side",
    "meaning" => "The transmitted HostID is unknown on the bank's side. The use of this code is only provided for the HEV request Check the used HostID and correct it. Consultation with the bank, if necessary",
  "091101" => {
    "symbol" => "EBICS_TX_UNKNOWN_TXID",
    "short_text" =>  "Transaction ID invalid",
    "meaning"  => "The supplied transaction ID is invalid",
  "091102" => {
    "symbol" => "EBICS_TX_ABORT",
    "short_text" => "Transaction cancelled",
    "meaning" => "The transaction was cancelled at the server's end since recovery of the transaction is not supported or is no longer possible due to the recovery counter being too high",
  "091103" => {
    "symbol" => "EBICS_TX_MESSAGE_REPLAY",
    "short_text" => "Suspected Message replay (wrong time/time zone or nonce error)",
    "meaning" => "A message replay has been identified (Nonce/Timestamp pair doubled) or the difference of clock time between client and server exceeds the (parametrisable) tolerance limit",
  "091104" => {
    "short_text" => "Segment number exceeded",
    "meaning" => "The total segment number from transaction initialisation was exceeded, i.e. the attribute @lastSegment was set to \"false\" when the last segment was transmitted",
  "091112" => {
    "short_text" => "Invalid order parameters",
    "meaning" => "The content of OrderParams is invalid, e.g. if starting off behind the end in case of StandardOrderParams, or, in case of HVT, fetchOffset is higher than NumOrderInfos (total number of particular order information of an order)",
  "091113" => {
    "short_text" => "Message content semantically not compliant to EBICS",
    "meaning" => "The received message complies syntactically EBICS XML schema, but not semantically to the EBICS guidelines, e.g. IZV upload with UZHNN requires NumSegments = 0",
  "091117" => {
    "short_text" => "The bank system does not support the requested order size",
    "meaning" => "Upload or download of an order file of improper size (e.g. for HVT, IZV, STA)",
  "091118" => {
    "short_text" => "Submitted number of segments for upload is too high",
    "meaning" => "The bank system does not support the specified total number of segments for upload",
  "091119" => {
    "short_text" => "Maximum number of parallel transactions per customer is exceeded",
    "meaning" => "The maximum number of parallel EBICS transactions defined in the bank system for the customer has been exceeded",
  "091120" => {
    "symbol" => "EBICS_PARTNER_ID_MISMATCH",
    "short_text" => "The partner ID (=customer ID) of the ES file is not identical to the partner ID (=customer ID) of the submitter.",
    "meaning" => "On verifying the submitted signatures a partner ID was found in the document UserSignatureData that is not identical to the subscriber's partner ID in the request header",
  "091121" => {
    "short_text" => "The specified order attribute is not compatible with the order in the bank system",
    "meaning" => "Case 1) File with order attribute \"DZHNN\" or \"OZHNN\" submitted with an orderId or Case 2) File with order attribute \"UZHNN\" submitted without an orderId or with orderID which is already used for \"DZHNN\" File with order attribute \"DZHNN\" submitted with an orderId",

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