NAME asi_bod

  • Manipulate and view the ASIObjectDictionary.xml and BOD.json files


asi_bod [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]

Gem Version


Tool to view, search and potentially merge the Grin Tech Phaserunner BOD.json file and the ASI ASIObjectDictionary.xml file.

The BOD.json file is the original Grin Tech file that ships with the PhaseRunner v0.9.9.1 software as of Jan 1 2018.

This gem ships with BODm.json which is the same as the Grin Tech BOD.json except the Descriptions from the ASI ASIObjectDictionary.xml file that shipped with the BacDoorSetup_1_5_4 software.

If you want to start with the original or another version of the BOD.json or the ASIObjectDictionary.xml then you can override the defaults with the -a, –asi_file or -b, –bod_file flags


-a, --asi_file=arg      - Path to the ASIObjectDictionary XML file (default: /Users/rberger/odrive/IBD Google
-b, --bod_file=arg      - Path to the BOD JSON file (default: /Users/rberger/odrive/IBD Google
--version               - Display the program version
--[no-]address_view     - View Address (default: enabled)
--[no-]name_view        - View Name (default: enabled)
--[no-]description_view - View Description (default: enabled)
-s, --[no-]scale_view   - View Scale
-u, --[no-]units_view   - View Units
--help                  - Show this message


help  - Shows a list of commands or help for one command
view  - View the data
find  - Find a node in one or both of the dictionaries
merge - Merge the Description from asi to bod

License and Copyright

  • Copyright © 2018 Robert J. Berger

  • License: MIT

:include: asi_bod.rdoc