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Tenk is an API wrapper Ruby gem for the 10,000ft Plans API. See https://github.com/10Kft/10kft-api for the API documentation.


Add to your Gemfile:

gem 'tenk'


  token: 'DEADBEEF', # Your 10k API key
  api_base: 'https://api.10000ft.com/api/v1', # Defaults to live API, but you can switch to sandbox
  logger: Logger.new, # Defaults to the Rails logger if in a Rails app, or a new logger otherwise

Usage Example

client = Tenk.new token: 'YOUR-API-TOKEN'


The resources at the root of the API (Approvals, Bill Rates, Placeholder Resources, Projects, Time Entries, and Users) can bet accessed directly off of the client like:

# etc

Resources nested under a Project or User can be accessed like so:

client.projects.phases.get(project_id, phase_id)

# or


# etc

Most resources have #list, #get, #create, and #update methods. Assignments also have a #delete method. Tags have #list, #add, and #remove methods and tags are automatically created when needed to attach to a user or project.

Complete documentation is available here: http://www.rubydoc.info/github/revelrylabs/tenk/master

Current Limitations

The following resources are currently unavailable or limited due to limitations in the staging API that make them difficult to test:

  • Placeholder Resources
  • Custom Fields
  • Creating or Updating Approvals
  • Listing or Creating Bill Rates


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome. See CONTRIBUTING.md for instructions on contributing pull requests to the project.

Everyone is welcome to participate in the project. We expect contributors to adhere the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct (see CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md).