Ruby IG Markets Dealing Platform Gem

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Easily access the IG Markets Dealing Platform from Ruby with this gem, either directly through code or by using the provided command-line client. Written against the official REST API.

Includes support for:

  • Activity and transaction history
  • Positions
  • Sprint market positions
  • Working orders
  • Market navigation, searches and snapshots
  • Historical prices
  • Watchlists
  • Client sentiment
  • Authentication profiles
  • Live streaming of account, trade and market updates

An IG Markets live or demo trading account is needed in order to use this gem.


Licensed under the MIT license. You must read and agree to its terms to use this software.


Install the latest version of the ig_markets gem with the following command:

$ gem install ig_markets

Usage — Command-Line Client

The general form for invoking the command-line client is:

$ ig_markets COMMAND [SUBCOMMAND] --username USERNAME --password PASSWORD --api-key API-KEY [--demo] [...]

Config File

On startup ig_markets looks for config files at ./.ig_markets.yml and ~/.ig_markets.yml. These are YAML files that can hold named sets of predefined authentication profiles in order to avoid having to specify these repeatedly on the command-line for every invocation.

The desired authentication profile is specified using the --profile command-line argument, and if the --profile argument is omitted then the default profile will be used.

Here is an example of a config file with a default profile and a demo profile:

    username: USERNAME
    password: PASSWORD
    api-key: API-KEY

    username: DEMO-USERNAME
    password: DEMO-PASSWORD
    api-key: DEMO-API-KEY
    demo: true

The following examples assume the presence of a config file that contains a valid default authentication profile.


Use ig_markets help to get details on the options accepted by the commands and subcommands. The list of available commands and their subcommands is:

  • ig_markets account
  • ig_markets activities --days N [...]
  • ig_markets confirmation DEAL-REFERENCE
  • ig_markets console
  • ig_markets help [COMMAND]
  • ig_markets markets EPICS
  • ig_markets orders [list]
  • ig_markets orders create ...
  • ig_markets orders update DEAL-ID ...
  • ig_markets orders delete DEAL-ID
  • ig_markets orders delete-all
  • ig_markets performance --days N [...]
  • ig_markets positions [list] [...]
  • ig_markets positions create ...
  • ig_markets positions update DEAL-ID ...
  • ig_markets positions close DEAL-ID [...]
  • ig_markets positions close-all [...]
  • ig_markets prices --epic EPIC --resolution RESOLUTION ...
  • ig_markets search QUERY [--type TYPE]
  • ig_markets self-test
  • ig_markets sentiment MARKET
  • ig_markets sprints [list]
  • ig_markets sprints create ...
  • ig_markets stream [dashboard] [...]
  • ig_markets stream raw ...
  • ig_markets transactions --days N [...]
  • ig_markets watchlists [list]
  • ig_markets watchlists create NAME [EPIC ...]
  • ig_markets watchlists add-markets WATCHLIST-ID [EPIC ...]
  • ig_markets watchlists remove-markets WATCHLIST-ID [EPIC ...]
  • ig_markets watchlists delete WATCHLIST-ID


# Print account details and balances
ig_markets account

# Print EUR/USD transactions from the last week, excluding interest transactions
ig_markets transactions --days 7 --instrument EUR/USD --no-interest

# Search for EURUSD currency markets
ig_markets search EURUSD --type currencies

# Print details for the EURUSD pair and the Dow Jones Industrial Average
ig_markets markets CS.D.EURUSD.CFD.IP IX.D.DOW.IFD.IP

# Print current positions in aggregate
ig_markets positions --aggregate

# Create a EURUSD long position of size 2
ig_markets positions create --direction buy --epic CS.D.EURUSD.CFD.IP --size 2 --currency-code USD

# Change the limit and stop levels for an existing position
ig_markets positions update DEAL-ID --limit-level 1.15 --stop-level 1.10

# Fully close a position
ig_markets positions close DEAL-ID

# Partially close a position (assuming its size is greater than 1)
ig_markets positions close DEAL-ID --size 1

# Create a EURUSD sprint market short position of size 100 that expires in 20 minutes
ig_markets sprints create --direction sell --epic FM.D.EURUSD24.EURUSD24.IP --expiry-period 20
                          --size 100

# Create a working order to buy 1 unit of EURUSD at the level 1.1
ig_markets orders create --direction buy --epic CS.D.EURUSD.CFD.IP --level 1.1 --size 1 --type limit
                         --currency-code USD

# Print daily prices for EURUSD from the last two weeks
ig_markets prices --epic CS.D.EURUSD.CFD.IP --resolution day --number 14

# Print account dealing performance from the last 90 days, broken down by the EPICs that were traded
ig_markets performance --days 90

# Print an updating live display of accounts, positions and working orders (requires the curses gem)
ig_markets stream

# Print raw streaming details of account balances, trading actions, and the price of the EURUSD pair
ig_markets stream raw --accounts --trades --markets CS.D.EURUSD.CFD.IP

# Log in and open a Ruby console which can be used to query the IG API, printing all REST requests
ig_markets console --verbose

Usage — Library


API documentation is available here.


require 'ig_markets'

ig =

# Session
ig. 'username', 'password', 'api_key', :demo

one_week = 7 * 24 * 60 * 60
two_weeks = 14 * 24 * 60 * 60

# Account
ig..activities from: - one_week
ig..activities from: - one_week, to: - one_week
ig..transactions from: - one_week
ig..transactions from: - two_weeks, to: - one_week
ig..transactions from: - two_weeks, to: - one_week, type: :withdrawal

# Dealing
ig.deal_confirmation 'deal_reference'

# Positions
ig.positions.create currency_code: 'USD', direction: :buy, epic: 'CS.D.EURUSD.CFD.IP', size: 2
position = ig.positions['deal_id']
position.update limit_level: 1.2, stop_level: 1.1

# Sprint market positions
ig.sprint_market_positions.create direction: :buy, epic: 'FM.D.EURUSD24.EURUSD24.IP',
                                  expiry_period: :twenty_minutes, size: 100
sprint_market_position = ig.sprint_market_positions['deal_id']

# Working orders
ig.working_orders.create currency_code: 'USD', direction: :buy, epic: 'CS.D.EURUSD.CFD.IP',
                         level: 0.99, size: 1, type: :limit
working_order = ig.working_orders['deal_id']
working_order.update level: 1.25, limit_distance: 50, stop_distance: 50

market =['CS.D.EURUSD.CFD.IP']
market.historical_prices resolution: :hour, number: 48
market.historical_prices resolution: :second, from: - 120, to: - 60

# Watchlists
ig.watchlists.create 'New Watchlist', 'CS.D.EURUSD.CFD.IP', 'UA.D.AAPL.CASH.IP'
watchlist = ig.watchlists['watchlist_id']
watchlist.add_market 'CS.D.EURUSD.CFD.IP'
watchlist.remove_market 'CS.D.EURUSD.CFD.IP'

# Client sentiment
client_sentiment = ig.client_sentiment['EURUSD']

# Miscellaneous

# Streaming
queue =

ig.streaming.on_error { |error| queue.push error }

subscription = ig.streaming.build_accounts_subscription
subscription.on_data { |data, _merged_data| queue.push data }
ig.streaming.start_subscriptions subscription, snapshot: true

loop do
  data = queue.pop
  raise data if data.is_a? Lightstreamer::LightstreamerError

  puts data.inspect


Gem created by Richard Viney. All contributions welcome.