Sensu Run Check

Often after just doing a change on servers you want to just be sure that they’re all going to pass a certain or all Sensu checks. This gem exposes Sensus checks to be executed local on the command line.

WARNING This is very much a hack and will break with other versions* of Sensu!

*) see the sensu-run-check.gemspec for the required version.


Be sure to install it in the Sensu embedded ruby.

/opt/sensu/embedded/bin/gem install sensu-run-check


Print the help

/opt/sensu/embedded/bin/sensu-run-check -h

List all checks defined on this host, you must point out your Sensu config file/dir.

/opt/sensu/embedded/bin/sensu-run-check -d /etc/sensu/conf.d -l

Run the disk check.

/opt/sensu/embedded/bin/sensu-run-check -d /etc/sensu/conf.d -r disk

Run all checks defined on this host.

/opt/sensu/embedded/bin/sensu-run-check -d /etc/sensu/conf.d -R


(c) 2015 - Rickard von Essen

Released under the MIT license, see LICENSE.txt