Muscat is a framework for cataloging music documents (handwritten and printed music scores). It is a Rails application that provides facilities for creating and managing Marc21 records with a focus on music. The project was initiated by the United Kingdom working group of the Répertoire International des Sources Musicales (RISM) and then developed further by the Swiss working group. It is now an open-source project developed together with the RISM Central Office in Germany.

Application Documentation

The full code documentation is available on RDoc:


The following people contribute (or have contributed) to Muscat:

  • Yvonne Babioch (design and guidelines)
  • Claudio Bacciagaluppi (guidelines)
  • Cédric Güggi (guidelines)
  • Gabriella Hanke-Knaus (design)
  • Stephan Hirsch (design and implementation)
  • Laurent Pugin (design and implementation)
  • Chad Thatcher (design and implementation)
  • Sandra Tuppen (design)
  • Rodolfo Zitellini (implementation)