RSpecApi::Matchers lets you express outcomes on the response of web APIs.

expect(response).to have_status(:not_found)

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Available matchers

expect(response).to have_status(:ok)
expect(response).to have_content_type(:json)
expect(response).to have_page_links
expect(response).to be_a_collection
expect(response).to be_wrapped_in_callback('alert')
expect(response).to be_sorted(by: :id, verse: :desc)
expect(response).to be_filtered(by: :id, value: 10, compare_with: :>)
expect(response).to have_attributes(id: {value: 1.2}, url: {type: {string: :url}})

How to install

To install on your system, run gem install rspec-api-matchers. To use inside a bundled Ruby project, add this line to the Gemfile:

gem 'rspec-api-matchers', '~> 0.6.0'

The rspec-api-matchers gem follows Semantic Versioning. Any new release that is fully backward-compatible bumps the patch version (0.0.x). Any new version that breaks compatibility bumps the minor version (0.x.0)

Indicating the full version in your Gemfile (major.minor.patch) guarantees that your project won’t occur in any error when you bundle update and a new version of RSpecApi::Matchers is released.

How to contribute

Don’t hesitate to send me code comments, issues or pull requests through GitHub!

All feedback is appreciated. Thanks :)