SPARQL 1.1 Query and Update Implementation Report

Ruby SPARQL gem test results

This document reports conformance for for SPARQL 1.1 Query and SPARQL 1.1 Update

This report is also available in Turtle

Implements SPARQL grammar parsing to SPARQL Algebra, SPARQL Algebra processing and includes SPARQL Client for accessing remote repositories.
Programming Language
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Test Suite Compliance
10/10 (100.0%)
Add 8/8 (100.0%)
Aggregates 26/31 (83.9%)
Algebra 14/14 (100.0%)
ASK 4/4 (100.0%)
Basic 25/27 (92.6%)
Basic Update 13/13 (100.0%)
BIND 10/10 (100.0%)
bnode co-reference 1/1 (100.0%)
Boolean Effective Value 7/7 (100.0%)
bound 1/1 (100.0%)
Built-in Functions 61/61 (100.0%)
Built-ins 23/24 (95.8%)
Casting 6/7 (85.7%)
CLEAR 4/4 (100.0%)
CONSTRUCT 5/5 (100.0%)
CONSTRUCT 6/6 (100.0%)
Copy 6/6 (100.0%)
CSV/TSV Result Format Untested
dataset 12/12 (100.0%)
DELETE 19/19 (100.0%)
DELETE DATA 6/6 (100.0%)
DELETE INSERT 16/16 (100.0%)
DELETE WHERE 6/6 (100.0%)
DISTINCT 9/11 (81.8%)
DROP 4/4 (100.0%)
entailment regime test cases Untested
equality of values 12/12 (100.0%)
GRAPH 11/11 (100.0%)
Grouping 4/6 (66.7%)
I18N 5/5 (100.0%)
JSON Result Format 4/4 (100.0%)
Move 6/6 (100.0%)
Negation 11/11 (100.0%)
open world value testing tests 17/18 (94.4%)
OPTIONAL 7/7 (100.0%)
Positive Exists 5/5 (100.0%)
Project Expression 7/7 (100.0%)
Property Path 22/24 (91.7%)
REDUCED Untested
REGEX 4/4 (100.0%)
Solution Sequence 13/13 (100.0%)
SORT 13/13 (100.0%)
SPARQL 1.1 Update test cases for SILENT 13/13 (100.0%)
SPARQL Service Untested
Sub query 13/14 (92.9%)
Syntax 1 80/81 (98.8%)
Syntax 2 51/53 (96.2%)
Syntax 3 51/51 (100.0%)
Syntax 4 12/12 (100.0%)
Syntax 5 2/2 (100.0%)
Syntax Federation Untested
Syntax Query 83/86 (96.5%)
Syntax Update 1 50/54 (92.6%)
Syntax Update 2 1/1 (100.0%)
Triple Match 4/4 (100.0%)
Type Promotion 30/30 (100.0%)
XPath operators 7/7 (100.0%)

Individual Test Results

Test values1: Post-query VALUES with subj-var, 1 row PASS
Test values2: Post-query VALUES with obj-var, 1 row PASS
Test values3: Post-query VALUES with 2 obj-vars, 1 row PASS
Test values4: Post-query VALUES with 2 obj-vars, 1 row with UNDEF PASS
Test values5: Post-query VALUES with 2 obj-vars, 2 rows with UNDEF PASS
Test values6: Post-query VALUES with pred-var, 1 row PASS
Test values7: Post-query VALUES with (OPTIONAL) obj-var, 1 row PASS
Test values8: Post-query VALUES with subj/obj-vars, 2 rows with UNDEF PASS
Test inline1: Inline VALUES graph pattern PASS
Test inline2: Post-subquery VALUES PASS
Percentage passed out of 10 Tests 100.0%


Test add01: ADD 1 PASS
Test add02: ADD 2 PASS
Test add03: ADD 3 PASS
Test add04: ADD 4 PASS
Test add05: ADD 5 PASS
Test add06: ADD 6 PASS
Test add07: ADD 7 PASS
Test add08: ADD 8 PASS
Percentage passed out of 8 Tests 100.0%


Test agg01: COUNT 1 PASS
Test agg02: COUNT 2 PASS
Test agg03: COUNT 3 PASS
Test agg04: COUNT 4 PASS
Test agg05: COUNT 5 PASS
Test agg06: COUNT 6 PASS
Test agg07: COUNT 7 PASS
Test agg08: COUNT 8 FAIL
Test agg08b: COUNT 8b PASS
Test agg09: COUNT 9 FAIL
Test agg10: COUNT 10 FAIL
Test agg11: COUNT 11 FAIL
Test agg12: COUNT 12 FAIL
Test agg-groupconcat-01: GROUP_CONCAT 1 PASS
Test agg-groupconcat-02: GROUP_CONCAT 2 PASS
Test agg-groupconcat-03: GROUP_CONCAT with SEPARATOR PASS
Test agg-sum-01: SUM PASS
Test agg-sum-02: SUM with GROUP BY PASS
Test agg-avg-01: AVG PASS
Test agg-avg-02: AVG with GROUP BY PASS
Test agg-min-01: MIN PASS
Test agg-min-02: MIN with GROUP BY PASS
Test agg-max-01: MAX PASS
Test agg-max-02: MAX with GROUP BY PASS
Test agg-sample-01: SAMPLE PASS
Test agg-err-01: Error in AVG PASS
Test agg-err-02: Protect from error in AVG PASS
Test agg-empty-group-1: agg on empty set, explicit grouping PASS
Test agg-empty-group-2: agg on empty set, no grouping PASS
Test agg-empty-group-count-01: COUNT: no match, no group PASS
Test agg-empty-group-count-02: COUNT: no match, with group PASS
Percentage passed out of 31 Tests 83.9%


Test nested-opt-1: Nested Optionals - 1 PASS
Test nested-opt-2: Nested Optionals - 2 PASS
Test opt-filter-1: Optional-filter - 1 PASS
Test opt-filter-2: Optional-filter - 2 filters PASS
Test opt-filter-3: Optional-filter - scope of variable PASS
Test filter-place-1: Filter-placement - 1 PASS
Test filter-place-2: Filter-placement - 2 PASS
Test filter-place-3: Filter-placement - 3 PASS
Test filter-nested-1: Filter-nested - 1 PASS
Test filter-nested-2: Filter-nested - 2 PASS
Test filter-scope-1: Filter-scope - 1 PASS
Test join-scope-1: Join scope - 1 PASS
Test join-combo-1: Join operator with OPTs, BGPs, and UNIONs PASS
Test join-combo-2: Join operator with Graph and Union PASS
Percentage passed out of 14 Tests 100.0%


Test ask-1: ASK-1 (SPARQL XML results) PASS
Test ask-4: ASK-4 (SPARQL XML results) PASS
Test ask-7: ASK-7 (SPARQL XML results) PASS
Test ask-8: ASK-8 (SPARQL XML results) PASS
Percentage passed out of 4 Tests 100.0%


Test base-prefix-1: Basic - Prefix/Base 1 PASS
Test base-prefix-2: Basic - Prefix/Base 2 PASS
Test base-prefix-3: Basic - Prefix/Base 3 PASS
Test base-prefix-4: Basic - Prefix/Base 4 PASS
Test base-prefix-5: Basic - Prefix/Base 5 PASS
Test list-1: Basic - List 1 PASS
Test list-2: Basic - List 2 PASS
Test list-3: Basic - List 3 PASS
Test list-4: Basic - List 4 PASS
Test quotes-1: Basic - Quotes 1 PASS
Test quotes-2: Basic - Quotes 2 PASS
Test quotes-3: Basic - Quotes 3 PASS
Test quotes-4: Basic - Quotes 4 PASS
Test term-1: Basic - Term 1 PASS
Test term-2: Basic - Term 2 PASS
Test term-3: Basic - Term 3 PASS
Test term-4: Basic - Term 4 PASS
Test term-5: Basic - Term 5 PASS
Test term-6: Basic - Term 6 UNTESTED
Test term-7: Basic - Term 7 UNTESTED
Test term-8: Basic - Term 8 PASS
Test term-9: Basic - Term 9 PASS
Test var-1: Basic - Var 1 PASS
Test var-2: Basic - Var 2 PASS
Test bgp-no-match: Non-matching triple pattern PASS
Test spoo-1: Basic graph pattern - spoo PASS
Test prefix-name-1: Prefix name 1 PASS
Percentage passed out of 27 Tests 92.6%

Basic Update

Test insert-data-spo1: Simple insert data 1 PASS
Test insert-data-spo-named1: Simple insert data named 1 PASS
Test insert-data-spo-named2: Simple insert data named 2 PASS
Test insert-data-spo-named3: Simple insert data named 3 PASS
Test insert-where-01: INSERT 01 PASS
Test insert-where-02: INSERT 02 PASS
Test insert-where-03: INSERT 03 PASS
Test insert-where-04: INSERT 04 PASS
Test insert-using-01: INSERT USING 01 PASS
Test insert-05a: INSERT same bnode twice PASS
Test insert-data-same-bnode: INSERTing the same bnode with INSERT DATA into two different Graphs is the same bnode PASS
Test insert-where-same-bnode: INSERTing the same bnode with two INSERT WHERE statement within one request is NOT the same bnode PASS
Test insert-where-same-bnode2: INSERTing the same bnode with two INSERT WHERE statement within one request is NOT the same bnode even if both WHERE clauses have the empty solution mapping as the only solution. PASS
Percentage passed out of 13 Tests 100.0%


Test bind01: bind01 - BIND PASS
Test bind02: bind02 - BIND PASS
Test bind03: bind03 - BIND PASS
Test bind04: bind04 - BIND PASS
Test bind05: bind05 - BIND PASS
Test bind06: bind06 - BIND PASS
Test bind07: bind07 - BIND PASS
Test bind08: bind08 - BIND PASS
Test bind10: bind10 - BIND scoping - Variable in filter not in scope PASS
Test bind11: bind11 - BIND scoping - Variable in filter in scope PASS
Percentage passed out of 10 Tests 100.0%

bnode co-reference

Test dawg-bnode-coref-001: dawg-bnode-coreference PASS
Percentage passed out of 1 Tests 100.0%

Boolean Effective Value

Test dawg-boolean-literal: Test literal 'true' PASS
Test dawg-bev-1: Test 'boolean effective value' - true PASS
Test dawg-bev-2: Test 'boolean effective value' - false PASS
Test dawg-bev-3: Test 'boolean effective value' - && PASS
Test dawg-bev-4: Test 'boolean effective value' - || PASS
Test dawg-bev-5: Test 'boolean effective value' - optional PASS
Test dawg-bev-6: Test 'boolean effective value' - unknown types PASS
Percentage passed out of 7 Tests 100.0%


Test dawg-bound-query-001: dawg-bound-query-001 PASS
Percentage passed out of 1 Tests 100.0%

Built-in Functions

Test strdt01: STRDT() PASS
Test strdt02: STRDT(STR()) PASS
Test strdt03-rdf11: STRDT() TypeErrors (updated for RDF 1.1) PASS
Test strlang01: STRLANG() PASS
Test strlang02: STRLANG(STR()) PASS
Test strlang03-rdf11: STRLANG() TypeErrors (updated for RDF 1.1) PASS
Test isnumeric01: isNumeric() PASS
Test abs01: ABS() PASS
Test ceil01: CEIL() PASS
Test floor01: FLOOR() PASS
Test round01: ROUND() PASS
Test concat01: CONCAT() PASS
Test concat02: CONCAT() 2 PASS
Test substring01: SUBSTR() (3-argument) PASS
Test substring02: SUBSTR() (2-argument) PASS
Test length01: STRLEN() PASS
Test ucase01: UCASE() PASS
Test lcase01: LCASE() PASS
Test encode01: ENCODE_FOR_URI() PASS
Test contains01: CONTAINS() PASS
Test starts01: STRSTARTS() PASS
Test ends01: STRENDS() PASS
Test plus-1-corrected: plus-1-corrected PASS
Test plus-2-corrected: plus-2-corrected PASS
Test md5-01: MD5() PASS
Test md5-02: MD5() over Unicode data PASS
Test sha1-01: SHA1() PASS
Test sha1-02: SHA1() on Unicode data PASS
Test sha256-01: SHA256() PASS
Test sha256-02: SHA256() on Unicode data PASS
Test sha512-01: SHA512() PASS
Test sha512-02: SHA512() on Unicode data PASS
Test minutes: MINUTES() PASS
Test seconds: SECONDS() PASS
Test hours: HOURS() PASS
Test month: MONTH() PASS
Test year: YEAR() PASS
Test day: DAY() PASS
Test timezone: TIMEZONE() PASS
Test tz: TZ() PASS
Test bnode01: BNODE(str) PASS
Test bnode02: BNODE() PASS
Test in01: IN 1 PASS
Test in02: IN 2 PASS
Test notin01: NOT IN 1 PASS
Test notin02: NOT IN 2 PASS
Test now01: NOW() PASS
Test rand01: RAND() PASS
Test iri01: IRI()/URI() PASS
Test if01: IF() PASS
Test if02: IF() error propogation PASS
Test coalesce01: COALESCE() PASS
Test strbefore01a: STRBEFORE() PASS
Test strbefore02: STRBEFORE() datatyping PASS
Test strafter01a: STRAFTER() PASS
Test strafter02: STRAFTER() datatyping PASS
Test replace01: REPLACE() PASS
Test replace02: REPLACE() with overlapping pattern PASS
Test replace03: REPLACE() with captured substring PASS
Test uuid01: UUID() pattern match PASS
Test struuid01: STRUUID() pattern match PASS
Percentage passed out of 61 Tests 100.0%


Test dawg-str-1: str-1 PASS
Test dawg-str-2: str-2 PASS
Test dawg-str-3: str-3 PASS
Test dawg-str-4: str-4 PASS
Test dawg-isBlank-1: isBlank-1 PASS
Test dawg-isLiteral-1: isLiteral PASS
Test dawg-datatype-1: datatype-1 PASS
Test dawg-datatype-2: datatype-2 : Literals with a datatype UNTESTED
Test dawg-datatype-3: datatype-3 : Literals with a datatype of xsd:string PASS
Test dawg-lang-1: lang-1 : Literals with a lang tag of some kind PASS
Test dawg-lang-2: lang-2 : Literals with a lang tag of '' PASS
Test dawg-lang-3: lang-3 : Graph matching with lang tag being a different case PASS
Test dawg-isURI-1: isURI-1 PASS
Test dawg-isIRI-1: isIRI-1 PASS
Test dawg-langMatches-1: LangMatches-1 PASS
Test dawg-langMatches-2: LangMatches-2 PASS
Test dawg-langMatches-3: LangMatches-3 PASS
Test dawg-langMatches-4: LangMatches-4 PASS
Test dawg-langMatches-basic: LangMatches-basic PASS
Test lang-case-insensitive-eq: lang-case-insensitive-eq PASS
Test lang-case-insensitive-ne: lang-case-insensitive-ne PASS
Test sameTerm-simple: sameTerm-simple PASS
Test sameTerm-eq: sameTerm-eq PASS
Test sameTerm-not-eq: sameTerm-not-eq PASS
Percentage passed out of 24 Tests 95.8%


Test cast-str: Cast to xsd:string PASS
Test cast-flt: Cast to xsd:float PASS
Test cast-dbl: Cast to xsd:double PASS
Test cast-dec: Cast to xsd:decimal PASS
Test cast-int: Cast to xsd:integer PASS
Test cast-dT: Cast to xsd:dateTime PASS
Test cast-bool: Cast to xsd:boolean FAIL
Percentage passed out of 7 Tests 85.7%


Test dawg-clear-default-01: CLEAR DEFAULT PASS
Test dawg-clear-graph-01: CLEAR GRAPH PASS
Test dawg-clear-named-01: CLEAR NAMED PASS
Test dawg-clear-all-01: CLEAR ALL PASS
Percentage passed out of 4 Tests 100.0%


Test construct-1: dawg-construct-identity PASS
Test construct-2: dawg-construct-subgraph PASS
Test construct-3: dawg-construct-reification-1 PASS
Test construct-4: dawg-construct-reification-2 PASS
Test construct-5: dawg-construct-optional PASS
Percentage passed out of 5 Tests 100.0%


Test constructwhere01: constructwhere01 - CONSTRUCT WHERE PASS
Test constructwhere02: constructwhere02 - CONSTRUCT WHERE PASS
Test constructwhere03: constructwhere03 - CONSTRUCT WHERE PASS
Test constructwhere04: constructwhere04 - CONSTRUCT WHERE PASS
Test constructwhere05: constructwhere05 - CONSTRUCT WHERE PASS
Test constructwhere06: constructwhere06 - CONSTRUCT WHERE PASS
Percentage passed out of 6 Tests 100.0%


Test copy01: COPY 1 PASS
Test copy02: COPY 2 PASS
Test copy03: COPY 3 PASS
Test copy04: COPY 4 PASS
Test copy06: COPY 6 PASS
Test copy07: COPY 7 PASS
Percentage passed out of 6 Tests 100.0%

CSV/TSV Result Format

Test csv01: csv01 - CSV Result Format
Test tsv01: tsv01 - TSV Result Format
Test csv02: cvs02 - CSV Result Format
Test tsv02: tvs02 - TSV Result Format
Test csv03: csv03 - CSV Result Format
Test tsv03: tsv03 - TSV Result Format
Percentage passed out of 6 Tests


Test dawg-dataset-01: dataset-01 PASS
Test dawg-dataset-02: dataset-02 PASS
Test dawg-dataset-03: dataset-03 PASS
Test dawg-dataset-04: dataset-04 PASS
Test dawg-dataset-05: dataset-05 PASS
Test dawg-dataset-06: dataset-06 PASS
Test dawg-dataset-07: dataset-07 PASS
Test dawg-dataset-08: dataset-08 PASS
Test dawg-dataset-11: dataset-11 PASS
Test dawg-dataset-09b: dataset-09b PASS
Test dawg-dataset-10b: dataset-10b PASS
Test dawg-dataset-12b: dataset-12b PASS
Percentage passed out of 12 Tests 100.0%


Test dawg-delete-01: Simple DELETE 1 PASS
Test dawg-delete-02: Simple DELETE 2 PASS
Test dawg-delete-03: Simple DELETE 3 PASS
Test dawg-delete-04: Simple DELETE 4 PASS
Test dawg-delete-05: Graph-specific DELETE 1 PASS
Test dawg-delete-06: Graph-specific DELETE 2 PASS
Test dawg-delete-07: Simple DELETE 7 PASS
Test dawg-delete-with-01: Simple DELETE 1 (WITH) PASS
Test dawg-delete-with-02: Simple DELETE 2 (WITH) PASS
Test dawg-delete-with-03: Simple DELETE 3 (WITH) PASS
Test dawg-delete-with-04: Simple DELETE 4 (WITH) PASS
Test dawg-delete-with-05: Graph-specific DELETE 1 (WITH) PASS
Test dawg-delete-with-06: Graph-specific DELETE 2 (WITH) PASS
Test dawg-delete-using-01: Simple DELETE 1 (USING) PASS
Test dawg-delete-using-02a: Simple DELETE 2 (USING) PASS
Test dawg-delete-using-03: Simple DELETE 3 (USING) PASS
Test dawg-delete-using-04: Simple DELETE 4 (USING) PASS
Test dawg-delete-using-05: Graph-specific DELETE 1 (USING) PASS
Test dawg-delete-using-06a: Graph-specific DELETE 2 (USING) PASS
Percentage passed out of 19 Tests 100.0%


Test dawg-delete-data-01: Simple DELETE DATA 1 PASS
Test dawg-delete-data-02: Simple DELETE DATA 2 PASS
Test dawg-delete-data-03: Simple DELETE DATA 3 PASS
Test dawg-delete-data-04: Simple DELETE DATA 4 PASS
Test dawg-delete-data-05: Graph-specific DELETE DATA 1 PASS
Test dawg-delete-data-06: Graph-specific DELETE DATA 2 PASS
Percentage passed out of 6 Tests 100.0%


Test dawg-delete-insert-01: DELETE INSERT 1 PASS
Test dawg-delete-insert-01b: DELETE INSERT 1b PASS
Test dawg-delete-insert-01c: DELETE INSERT 1c PASS
Test dawg-delete-insert-02: DELETE INSERT 2 PASS
Test dawg-delete-insert-03: DELETE INSERT 3 PASS
Test dawg-delete-insert-03b: DELETE INSERT 3b PASS
Test dawg-delete-insert-04: DELETE INSERT 4 PASS
Test dawg-delete-insert-04b: DELETE INSERT 4b PASS
Test dawg-delete-insert-05: DELETE INSERT 5 PASS
Test dawg-delete-insert-05b: DELETE INSERT 5b PASS
Test dawg-delete-insert-06: DELETE INSERT 6 PASS
Test dawg-delete-insert-06b: DELETE INSERT 6b PASS
Test dawg-delete-insert-07: DELETE INSERT 7 PASS
Test dawg-delete-insert-07b: DELETE INSERT 7b PASS
Test dawg-delete-insert-08: DELETE INSERT 8 PASS
Test dawg-delete-insert-09: DELETE INSERT 9 PASS
Percentage passed out of 16 Tests 100.0%


Test dawg-delete-where-01: Simple DELETE WHERE 1 PASS
Test dawg-delete-where-02: Simple DELETE WHERE 2 PASS
Test dawg-delete-where-03: Simple DELETE WHERE 3 PASS
Test dawg-delete-where-04: Simple DELETE WHERE 4 PASS
Test dawg-delete-where-05: Graph-specific DELETE WHERE 1 PASS
Test dawg-delete-where-06: Graph-specific DELETE WHERE 2 PASS
Percentage passed out of 6 Tests 100.0%


Test no-distinct-1: Numbers: No distinct PASS
Test distinct-1: Numbers: Distinct PASS
Test no-distinct-2: Strings: No distinct PASS
Test distinct-2: Strings: Distinct FAIL
Test no-distinct-3: Nodes: No distinct PASS
Test distinct-3: Nodes: Distinct PASS
Test no-distinct-4: Opt: No distinct PASS
Test distinct-4: Opt: Distinct PASS
Test no-distinct-9: All: No distinct PASS
Test distinct-9: All: Distinct FAIL
Test distinct-star-1: SELECT DISTINCT * PASS
Percentage passed out of 11 Tests 81.8%


Test dawg-drop-default-01: DROP DEFAULT PASS
Test dawg-drop-graph-01: DROP GRAPH PASS
Test dawg-drop-named-01: DROP NAMED PASS
Test dawg-drop-all-01: DROP ALL PASS
Percentage passed out of 4 Tests 100.0%

entailment regime test cases

Test bind01: bind01 - BIND fixed data for OWL DL
Test bind02: bind02 - BIND fixed data for OWL DL
Test bind03: bind03 - BIND fixed data for OWL DL
Test bind04: bind04 - BIND fixed data for OWL DL
Test bind05: bind05 - BIND fixed data for OWL DL
Test bind06: bind06 - BIND fixed data for OWL DL
Test bind07: bind07 - BIND fixed data for OWL DL
Test bind08: bind08 - BIND fixed data for OWL DL
Test d-ent-01: D-Entailment test to show that neither literals in subject position nor newly introduced surrogate blank nodes are to be returned in query answers
Test lang: Literal with language tag test
Test owlds01: bnodes are not existentials
Test owlds02: bnodes are not existentials with answer
Test paper-sparqldl-Q1: paper-sparqldl-Q1
Test paper-sparqldl-Q1-rdfs: paper-sparqldl-Q1-rdfs
Test paper-sparqldl-Q2: paper-sparqldl-Q2
Test paper-sparqldl-Q3: paper-sparqldl-Q3
Test paper-sparqldl-Q4: paper-sparqldl-Q4
Test paper-sparqldl-Q5: paper-sparqldl-Q5
Test parent10: filtered subclass query with (hasChild some Thing) restriction
Test parent2: parent query with distinguished variable
Test parent3: parent query with (hasChild some Thing) restriction
Test parent4: parent query with (hasChild min 1) restriction
Test parent5: parent query with (hasChild some Female) restriction
Test parent6: parent query with (hasChild min 1 Female) restriction
Test parent7: parent query with (hasChild max 1 Female) restriction
Test parent8: parent query with (hasChild exactly 1 Female) restriction
Test parent9: subclass query with (hasChild some Thing) restriction
Test plainLit: Plain literals with language tag are not the same as the same literal without
Test rdf01: RDF inference test
Test rdf02: RDF inference test
Test rdf03: RDF test for blank node cardinalities
Test rdf04: simple triple pattern match
Test rdfs01: RDFS inference test rdfs:subPropertyOf
Test rdfs02: RDFS inference test rdfs:subPropertyOf
Test rdfs03: RDFS inference test combining subPropertyOf and domain
Test rdfs04: RDFS inference test subClassOf
Test rdfs05: RDFS inference test subClassOf
Test rdfs06: RDFS inference test domain
Test rdfs07: RDFS inference test range
Test rdfs08: RDFS inference test rdf:XMLLiteral subclass of rdfs:Literal
Test rdfs09: RDFS inference test transitivity of subClassOf
Test rdfs10: RDFS inference test transitivity of subPropertyOf
Test rdfs11: RDFS inference test subProperty and instances
Test rdfs12: RDFS inference test containers
Test rdfs13: RDFS inference test to show that neither literals in subject position nor newly introduced surrogate blank nodes are to be returned in query answers
Test rif01: RIF Logical Entailment (referencing RIF XML)
Test rif03: RIF Core WG tests: Frames
Test rif04: RIF Core WG tests: Modeling Brain Anatomy
Test rif06: RIF Core WG tests: RDF Combination Blank Node
Test simple1: simple 1
Test simple2: simple 2
Test simple3: simple 3
Test simple4: simple 4
Test simple5: simple 5
Test simple6: simple 6
Test simple7: simple 7
Test simple8: simple 8
Test sparqldl-01: sparqldl-01.rq: triple pattern
Test sparqldl-02: sparqldl-02.rq: simple combined query
Test sparqldl-03: sparqldl-03.rq: combined query with complex class description
Test sparqldl-04: sparqldl-04.rq: bug fixing test
Test sparqldl-05: sparqldl-05.rq: simple undistinguished variable test.
Test sparqldl-06: sparqldl-06.rq: cycle of undistinguished variables
Test sparqldl-07: sparqldl-07.rq: two distinguished variables + undist.
Test sparqldl-08: sparqldl-08.rq: two distinguished variables + undist.
Test sparqldl-09: sparqldl-09.rq: undist vars test
Test sparqldl-10: sparqldl-10.rq: undist vars test
Test sparqldl-11: sparqldl-11.rq: domain test
Test sparqldl-12: sparqldl-12.rq: range test
Test sparqldl-13: sparqldl-13.rq: sameAs
Percentage passed out of 70 Tests

equality of values

Test eq-1: Equality 1-1 PASS
Test eq-2: Equality 1-2 PASS
Test eq-3: Equality 1-3 PASS
Test eq-4: Equality 1-4 PASS
Test eq-5: Equality 1-5 PASS
Test eq-2-1: Equality - 2 var - test equals PASS
Test eq-2-2: Equality - 2 var - test not equals PASS
Test eq-graph-1: Equality 1-1 -- graph PASS
Test eq-graph-2: Equality 1-2 -- graph PASS
Test eq-graph-3: Equality 1-3 -- graph PASS
Test eq-graph-4: Equality 1-4 -- graph PASS
Test eq-graph-5: Equality 1-5 -- graph PASS
Percentage passed out of 12 Tests 100.0%


Test dawg-graph-01: graph-01 PASS
Test dawg-graph-02: graph-02 PASS
Test dawg-graph-03: graph-03 PASS
Test dawg-graph-04: graph-04 PASS
Test dawg-graph-05: graph-05 PASS
Test dawg-graph-06: graph-06 PASS
Test dawg-graph-07: graph-07 PASS
Test dawg-graph-08: graph-08 PASS
Test dawg-graph-09: graph-09 PASS
Test dawg-graph-10b: graph-10b PASS
Test dawg-graph-11: graph-11 PASS
Percentage passed out of 11 Tests 100.0%


Test group01: Group-1 PASS
Test group03: Group-3 PASS
Test group04: Group-4 PASS
Test group05: Group-5 PASS
Test group06: Group-6 FAIL
Test group07: Group-7 FAIL
Percentage passed out of 6 Tests 66.7%


Test kanji-1: kanji-01 PASS
Test kanji-2: kanji-02 PASS
Test normalization-1: normalization-01 PASS
Test normalization-2: normalization-02 PASS
Test normalization-3: normalization-03 PASS
Percentage passed out of 5 Tests 100.0%

JSON Result Format

Test jsonres01: jsonres01 - JSON Result Format PASS
Test jsonres02: jsonres02 - JSON Result Format PASS
Test jsonres03: jsonres03 - JSON Result Format PASS
Test jsonres04: jsonres04 - JSON Result Format PASS
Percentage passed out of 4 Tests 100.0%


Test move01: MOVE 1 PASS
Test move02: MOVE 2 PASS
Test move03: MOVE 3 PASS
Test move04: MOVE 4 PASS
Test move06: MOVE 6 PASS
Test move07: MOVE 7 PASS
Percentage passed out of 6 Tests 100.0%


Test subset-by-exclusion-nex-1: Subsets by exclusion (NOT EXISTS) PASS
Test subset-by-exclusion-minus-1: Subsets by exclusion (MINUS) PASS
Test temporal-proximity-by-exclusion-nex-1: Medical, temporal proximity by exclusion (NOT EXISTS) PASS
Test subset-01: Calculate which sets are subsets of others (include A subsetOf A) PASS
Test subset-02: Calculate which sets are subsets of others (exclude A subsetOf A) PASS
Test set-equals-1: Calculate which sets have the same elements PASS
Test subset-03: Calculate proper subset PASS
Test exists-01: Positive EXISTS 1 PASS
Test exists-02: Positive EXISTS 2 PASS
Test full-minuend: Subtraction with MINUS from a fully bound minuend PASS
Test partial-minuend: Subtraction with MINUS from a partially bound minuend PASS
Percentage passed out of 11 Tests 100.0%

open world value testing tests

Test open-eq-01: open-eq-01 PASS
Test open-eq-02: open-eq-02 PASS
Test open-eq-03: open-eq-03 PASS
Test open-eq-04: open-eq-04 PASS
Test open-eq-05: open-eq-05 PASS
Test open-eq-06: open-eq-06 PASS
Test open-eq-07: open-eq-07 PASS
Test open-eq-08: open-eq-08 PASS
Test open-eq-09: open-eq-09 PASS
Test open-eq-10: open-eq-10 PASS
Test open-eq-11: open-eq-11 PASS
Test open-eq-12: open-eq-12 PASS
Test date-1: date-1 FAIL
Test date-2: date-2 PASS
Test date-3: date-3 PASS
Test date-4: date-4 PASS
Test open-cmp-01: open-cmp-01 PASS
Test open-cmp-02: open-cmp-02 PASS
Percentage passed out of 18 Tests 94.4%


Test dawg-optional-001: One optional clause PASS
Test dawg-optional-002: Two optional clauses PASS
Test dawg-union-001: Union is not optional PASS
Test dawg-optional-complex-1: Complex optional semantics: 1 PASS
Test dawg-optional-complex-2: Complex optional semantics: 2 PASS
Test dawg-optional-complex-3: Complex optional semantics: 3 PASS
Test dawg-optional-complex-4: Complex optional semantics: 4 PASS
Percentage passed out of 7 Tests 100.0%


Test dawg-optional-filter-001: OPTIONAL-FILTER PASS
Test dawg-optional-filter-002: OPTIONAL - Outer FILTER PASS
Test dawg-optional-filter-003: OPTIONAL - Outer FILTER with BOUND PASS
Test dawg-optional-filter-004: OPTIONAL - Inner FILTER with negative EBV for outer variables PASS
Test dawg-optional-filter-005-simplified: dawg-optional-filter-005-simplified PASS
Test dawg-optional-filter-005-not-simplified: dawg-optional-filter-005-not-simplified FAIL
Percentage passed out of 6 Tests 83.3%

Positive Exists

Test exists01: Exists with one constant PASS
Test exists02: Exists with ground triple PASS
Test exists03: Exists within graph pattern PASS
Test exists04: Nested positive exists PASS
Test exists05: Nested negative exists in positive exists PASS
Percentage passed out of 5 Tests 100.0%

Project Expression

Test projexp01: Expression is equality PASS
Test projexp02: Expression raise an error PASS
Test projexp03: Reuse a project expression variable in select PASS
Test projexp04: Reuse a project expression variable in order by PASS
Test projexp05: Expression may return no value PASS
Test projexp06: Expression has undefined variable PASS
Test projexp07: Expression has variable that may be unbound PASS
Percentage passed out of 7 Tests 100.0%

Property Path

Test pp01: (pp01) Simple path PASS
Test pp02: (pp02) Star path PASS
Test pp03: (pp03) Simple path with loop PASS
Test pp06: (pp06) Path with two graphs PASS
Test pp07: (pp07) Path with one graph PASS
Test pp08: (pp08) Reverse path PASS
Test pp09: (pp09) Reverse sequence path PASS
Test pp10: (pp10) Path with negation PASS
Test pp11: (pp11) Simple path and two paths to same target node UNTESTED
Test pp12: (pp12) Variable length path and two paths to same target node PASS
Test pp14: (pp14) Star path over foaf:knows PASS
Test pp16: (pp16) Duplicate paths and cycles through foaf:knows* PASS
Test pp21: (pp21) Diamond -- :p+ PASS
Test pp23: (pp23) Diamond, with tail -- :p+ PASS
Test pp25: (pp25) Diamond, with loop -- :p+ PASS
Test pp28a: (pp28a) Diamond, with loop -- (:p/:p)? PASS
Test pp30: (pp30) Operator precedence 1 PASS
Test pp31: (pp31) Operator precedence 2 UNTESTED
Test pp32: (pp32) Operator precedence 3 PASS
Test pp33: (pp33) Operator precedence 4 PASS
Test pp34: (pp34) Named Graph 1 PASS
Test pp35: (pp35) Named Graph 2 PASS
Test pp36: (pp36) Arbitrary path with bound endpoints PASS
Test pp37: (pp37) Nested (*)* PASS
Percentage passed out of 24 Tests 91.7%


Test reduced-1: SELECT REDUCED *
Test reduced-2: SELECT REDUCED ?x with strings
Percentage passed out of 2 Tests


Test dawg-regex-001: regex-query-001 PASS
Test dawg-regex-002: regex-query-002 PASS
Test dawg-regex-003: regex-query-003 PASS
Test dawg-regex-004: regex-query-004 PASS
Percentage passed out of 4 Tests 100.0%

Solution Sequence

Test limit-1: Limit 1 PASS
Test limit-2: Limit 2 PASS
Test limit-3: Limit 3 PASS
Test limit-4: Limit 4 PASS
Test offset-1: Offset 1 PASS
Test offset-2: Offset 2 PASS
Test offset-3: Offset 3 PASS
Test offset-4: Offset 4 PASS
Test slice-1: Slice 1 PASS
Test slice-2: Slice 2 PASS
Test slice-3: Slice 3 PASS
Test slice-4: Slice 4 PASS
Test slice-5: Slice 5 PASS
Percentage passed out of 13 Tests 100.0%


Test dawg-sort-1: sort-1 PASS
Test dawg-sort-2: sort-2 PASS
Test dawg-sort-3: sort-3 PASS
Test dawg-sort-4: sort-4 PASS
Test dawg-sort-5: sort-5 PASS
Test dawg-sort-6: sort-6 PASS
Test dawg-sort-7: sort-7 PASS
Test dawg-sort-8: sort-8 PASS
Test dawg-sort-9: sort-9 PASS
Test dawg-sort-10: sort-10 PASS
Test dawg-sort-numbers: Expression sort PASS
Test dawg-sort-builtin: Builtin sort PASS
Test dawg-sort-function: Function sort PASS
Percentage passed out of 13 Tests 100.0%

SPARQL 1.1 Update test cases for SILENT

Test load-silent: LOAD SILENT PASS
Test load-into-silent: LOAD SILENT INTO PASS
Test clear-silent: CLEAR SILENT GRAPH iri PASS
Test clear-default-silent: CLEAR SILENT DEFAULT PASS
Test create-silent: CREATE SILENT iri PASS
Test drop-silent: DROP SILENT GRAPH iri PASS
Test drop-default-silent: DROP SILENT DEFAULT PASS
Test copy-silent: COPY SILENT PASS
Test copy-to-default-silent: COPY SILENT TO DEFAULT PASS
Test move-silent: MOVE SILENT PASS
Test move-to-default-silent: MOVE SILENT TO DEFAULT PASS
Test add-silent: ADD SILENT PASS
Test add-to-default-silent: ADD SILENT TO DEFAULT PASS
Percentage passed out of 13 Tests 100.0%

SPARQL Service

Test service1: SERVICE test 1
Test service2: SERVICE test 2
Test service3: SERVICE test 3
Test service4a: SERVICE test 4a with VALUES clause
Test service5: SERVICE test 5
Test service6: SERVICE test 6
Test service7: SERVICE test 7
Percentage passed out of 7 Tests

Sub query

Test subquery01: sq01 - Subquery within graph pattern PASS
Test subquery02: sq02 - Subquery within graph pattern, graph variable is bound PASS
Test subquery03: sq03 - Subquery within graph pattern, graph variable is not bound FAIL
Test subquery04: sq04 - Subquery within graph pattern, default graph does not apply PASS
Test subquery05: sq05 - Subquery within graph pattern, from named applies PASS
Test subquery06: sq06 - Subquery with graph pattern, from named applies PASS
Test subquery07: sq07 - Subquery with from PASS
Test subquery08: sq08 - Subquery with aggregate PASS
Test subquery09: sq09 - Nested Subqueries PASS
Test subquery10: sq10 - Subquery with exists PASS
Test subquery11: sq11 - Subquery limit per resource PASS
Test subquery12: sq12 - Subquery in CONSTRUCT with built-ins PASS
Test subquery13: sq13 - Subqueries don't inject bindings PASS
Test subquery14: sq14 - limit by resource PASS
Percentage passed out of 14 Tests 92.9%

Syntax 1

Test syntax-basic-01: syntax-basic-01.rq PASS
Test syntax-basic-02: syntax-basic-02.rq PASS
Test syntax-basic-03: syntax-basic-03.rq PASS
Test syntax-basic-04: syntax-basic-04.rq PASS
Test syntax-basic-05: syntax-basic-05.rq PASS
Test syntax-basic-06: syntax-basic-06.rq PASS
Test syntax-qname-01: syntax-qname-01.rq PASS
Test syntax-qname-02: syntax-qname-02.rq PASS
Test syntax-qname-03: syntax-qname-03.rq PASS
Test syntax-qname-04: syntax-qname-04.rq PASS
Test syntax-qname-05: syntax-qname-05.rq PASS
Test syntax-qname-06: syntax-qname-06.rq PASS
Test syntax-qname-07: syntax-qname-07.rq PASS
Test syntax-qname-08: syntax-qname-08.rq PASS
Test syntax-lit-01: syntax-lit-01.rq PASS
Test syntax-lit-02: syntax-lit-02.rq PASS
Test syntax-lit-03: syntax-lit-03.rq PASS
Test syntax-lit-04: syntax-lit-04.rq PASS
Test syntax-lit-05: syntax-lit-05.rq PASS
Test syntax-lit-06: syntax-lit-06.rq PASS
Test syntax-lit-07: syntax-lit-07.rq PASS
Test syntax-lit-08: syntax-lit-08.rq UNTESTED
Test syntax-lit-09: syntax-lit-09.rq PASS
Test syntax-lit-10: syntax-lit-10.rq PASS
Test syntax-lit-11: syntax-lit-11.rq PASS
Test syntax-lit-12: syntax-lit-12.rq PASS
Test syntax-lit-13: syntax-lit-13.rq PASS
Test syntax-lit-14: syntax-lit-14.rq PASS
Test syntax-lit-15: syntax-lit-15.rq PASS
Test syntax-lit-16: syntax-lit-16.rq PASS
Test syntax-lit-17: syntax-lit-17.rq PASS
Test syntax-lit-18: syntax-lit-18.rq PASS
Test syntax-lit-19: syntax-lit-19.rq PASS
Test syntax-lit-20: syntax-lit-20.rq PASS
Test syntax-struct-01: syntax-struct-01.rq PASS
Test syntax-struct-02: syntax-struct-02.rq PASS
Test syntax-struct-03: syntax-struct-03.rq PASS
Test syntax-struct-05: syntax-struct-05.rq PASS
Test syntax-struct-06: syntax-struct-06.rq PASS
Test syntax-struct-07: syntax-struct-07.rq PASS
Test syntax-struct-08: syntax-struct-08.rq PASS
Test syntax-struct-09: syntax-struct-09.rq PASS
Test syntax-struct-10: syntax-struct-10.rq PASS
Test syntax-struct-11: syntax-struct-11.rq PASS
Test syntax-struct-12: syntax-struct-12.rq PASS
Test syntax-struct-13: syntax-struct-13.rq PASS
Test syntax-struct-14: syntax-struct-14.rq PASS
Test syntax-lists-01: syntax-lists-01.rq PASS
Test syntax-lists-02: syntax-lists-02.rq PASS
Test syntax-lists-03: syntax-lists-03.rq PASS
Test syntax-lists-04: syntax-lists-04.rq PASS
Test syntax-lists-05: syntax-lists-05.rq PASS
Test syntax-bnodes-01: syntax-bnodes-01.rq PASS
Test syntax-bnodes-02: syntax-bnodes-02.rq PASS
Test syntax-bnodes-03: syntax-bnodes-03.rq PASS
Test syntax-bnodes-04: syntax-bnodes-04.rq PASS
Test syntax-bnodes-05: syntax-bnodes-05.rq PASS
Test syntax-forms-01: syntax-forms-01.rq PASS
Test syntax-forms-02: syntax-forms-02.rq PASS
Test syntax-union-01: syntax-union-01.rq PASS
Test syntax-union-02: syntax-union-02.rq PASS
Test syntax-expr-01: syntax-expr-01.rq PASS
Test syntax-expr-02: syntax-expr-02.rq PASS
Test syntax-expr-03: syntax-expr-03.rq PASS
Test syntax-expr-04: syntax-expr-04.rq PASS
Test syntax-expr-05: syntax-expr-05.rq PASS
Test syntax-order-01: syntax-order-01.rq PASS
Test syntax-order-02: syntax-order-02.rq PASS
Test syntax-order-03: syntax-order-03.rq PASS
Test syntax-order-04: syntax-order-04.rq PASS
Test syntax-order-05: syntax-order-05.rq PASS
Test syntax-order-06: syntax-order-06.rq PASS
Test syntax-order-07: syntax-order-07.rq PASS
Test syntax-limit-offset-01: syntax-limit-offset-01.rq PASS
Test syntax-limit-offset-02: syntax-limit-offset-02.rq PASS
Test syntax-limit-offset-03: syntax-limit-offset-03.rq PASS
Test syntax-limit-offset-04: syntax-limit-offset-04.rq PASS
Test syntax-pat-01: syntax-pat-01.rq PASS
Test syntax-pat-02: syntax-pat-02.rq PASS
Test syntax-pat-03: syntax-pat-03.rq PASS
Test syntax-pat-04: syntax-pat-04.rq PASS
Percentage passed out of 81 Tests 98.8%

Syntax 2

Test syntax-general-01: syntax-general-01.rq PASS
Test syntax-general-02: syntax-general-02.rq PASS
Test syntax-general-03: syntax-general-03.rq PASS
Test syntax-general-04: syntax-general-04.rq PASS
Test syntax-general-05: syntax-general-05.rq PASS
Test syntax-general-06: syntax-general-06.rq PASS
Test syntax-general-07: syntax-general-07.rq PASS
Test syntax-general-08: syntax-general-08.rq PASS
Test syntax-general-09: syntax-general-09.rq PASS
Test syntax-general-10: syntax-general-10.rq PASS
Test syntax-general-11: syntax-general-11.rq PASS
Test syntax-general-12: syntax-general-12.rq PASS
Test syntax-general-13: syntax-general-13.rq PASS
Test syntax-general-14: syntax-general-14.rq PASS
Test syntax-keywords-01: syntax-keywords-01.rq PASS
Test syntax-keywords-02: syntax-keywords-02.rq PASS
Test syntax-keywords-03: syntax-keywords-03.rq PASS
Test syntax-lists-01: syntax-lists-01.rq PASS
Test syntax-lists-02: syntax-lists-02.rq PASS
Test syntax-lists-03: syntax-lists-03.rq PASS
Test syntax-lists-04: syntax-lists-04.rq PASS
Test syntax-lists-05: syntax-lists-05.rq PASS
Test syntax-bnode-01: syntax-bnode-01.rq PASS
Test syntax-bnode-02: syntax-bnode-02.rq PASS
Test syntax-bnode-03: syntax-bnode-03.rq PASS
Test syntax-function-01: syntax-function-01.rq PASS
Test syntax-function-02: syntax-function-02.rq PASS
Test syntax-function-03: syntax-function-03.rq PASS
Test syntax-function-04: syntax-function-04.rq PASS
Test syntax-form-select-01: syntax-form-select-01.rq PASS
Test syntax-form-select-02: syntax-form-select-02.rq PASS
Test syntax-form-ask-02: syntax-form-ask-02.rq PASS
Test syntax-form-construct01: syntax-form-construct01.rq PASS
Test syntax-form-construct02: syntax-form-construct02.rq PASS
Test syntax-form-construct03: syntax-form-construct03.rq PASS
Test syntax-form-construct04: syntax-form-construct04.rq PASS
Test syntax-form-construct06: syntax-form-construct06.rq PASS
Test syntax-form-describe01: syntax-form-describe01.rq PASS
Test syntax-form-describe02: syntax-form-describe02.rq PASS
Test syntax-dataset-01: syntax-dataset-01.rq PASS
Test syntax-dataset-02: syntax-dataset-02.rq PASS
Test syntax-dataset-03: syntax-dataset-03.rq PASS
Test syntax-dataset-04: syntax-dataset-04.rq PASS
Test syntax-graph-01: syntax-graph-01.rq PASS
Test syntax-graph-02: syntax-graph-02.rq PASS
Test syntax-graph-03: syntax-graph-03.rq PASS
Test syntax-graph-04: syntax-graph-04.rq PASS
Test syntax-graph-05: syntax-graph-05.rq PASS
Test syntax-esc-01: syntax-esc-01.rq PASS
Test syntax-esc-02: syntax-esc-02.rq PASS
Test syntax-esc-03: syntax-esc-03.rq PASS
Test syntax-esc-04: syntax-esc-04.rq UNTESTED
Test syntax-esc-05: syntax-esc-05.rq UNTESTED
Percentage passed out of 53 Tests 96.2%

Syntax 3

Test syn-01: syn-01.rq PASS
Test syn-02: syn-02.rq PASS
Test syn-03: syn-03.rq PASS
Test syn-04: syn-04.rq PASS
Test syn-05: syn-05.rq PASS
Test syn-06: syn-06.rq PASS
Test syn-07: syn-07.rq PASS
Test syn-08: syn-08.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-01: syn-bad-01.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-02: syn-bad-02.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-03: syn-bad-03.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-04: syn-bad-04.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-05: syn-bad-05.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-06: syn-bad-06.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-07: syn-bad-07.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-08: syn-bad-08.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-09: syn-bad-09.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-10: syn-bad-10.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-11: syn-bad-11.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-12: syn-bad-12.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-13: syn-bad-13.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-14: syn-bad-14.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-15: syn-bad-15.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-16: syn-bad-16.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-17: syn-bad-17.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-18: syn-bad-18.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-19: syn-bad-19.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-20: syn-bad-20.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-21: syn-bad-21.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-22: syn-bad-22.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-23: syn-bad-23.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-24: syn-bad-24.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-25: syn-bad-25.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-26: syn-bad-26.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-27: syn-bad-27.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-28: syn-bad-28.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-29: syn-bad-29.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-30: syn-bad-30.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-31: syn-bad-31.rq PASS
Test bnode-dot: syn-bad-bnode-dot.rq PASS
Test bnodes-missing-pvalues-01: syn-bad-bnodes-missing-pvalues-01.rq PASS
Test bnodes-missing-pvalues-02: syn-bad-bnodes-missing-pvalues-02.rq PASS
Test empty-optional-01: syn-bad-empty-optional-01.rq PASS
Test empty-optional-02: syn-bad-empty-optional-02.rq PASS
Test filter-missing-parens: syn-bad-filter-missing-parens.rq PASS
Test lone-list: syn-bad-lone-list.rq PASS
Test lone-node: syn-bad-lone-node.rq PASS
Test blabel-cross-filter: syn-blabel-cross-filter PASS
Test blabel-cross-graph-bad: syn-blabel-cross-graph-bad PASS
Test blabel-cross-optional-bad: syn-blabel-cross-optional-bad PASS
Test blabel-cross-union-bad: syn-blabel-cross-union-bad PASS
Percentage passed out of 51 Tests 100.0%

Syntax 4

Test syn-09: syn-09.rq PASS
Test syn-10: syn-10.rq PASS
Test syn-11: syn-11.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-34: syn-bad-34.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-35: syn-bad-35.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-36: syn-bad-36.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-37: syn-bad-37.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-38: syn-bad-38.rq PASS
Test syn-bad-OPT-breaks-BGP: syn-bad-OPT-breaks-BGP PASS
Test syn-bad-UNION-breaks-BGP: syn-bad-UNION-breaks-BGP PASS
Test syn-bad-GRAPH-breaks-BGP: syn-bad-GRAPH-breaks-BGP PASS
Test syn-leading-digits-in-prefixed-names: syn-leading-digits-in-prefixed-names.rq PASS
Percentage passed out of 12 Tests 100.0%

Syntax 5

Test syntax-reduced-01: syntax-reduced-01.rq PASS
Test syntax-reduced-02: syntax-reduced-02.rq PASS
Percentage passed out of 2 Tests 100.0%

Syntax Federation

Test test_1: syntax-service-01.rq
Test test_2: syntax-service-02.rq
Test test_3: syntax-service-03.rq
Percentage passed out of 3 Tests

Syntax Query

Test test_1: syntax-select-expr-01.rq PASS
Test test_2: syntax-select-expr-02.rq PASS
Test test_3: syntax-select-expr-03.rq PASS
Test test_4: syntax-select-expr-04.rq PASS
Test test_5: syntax-select-expr-05.rq PASS
Test test_6: syntax-aggregate-01.rq PASS
Test test_7: syntax-aggregate-02.rq PASS
Test test_8: syntax-aggregate-03.rq PASS
Test test_9: syntax-aggregate-04.rq PASS
Test test_10: syntax-aggregate-05.rq PASS
Test test_11: syntax-aggregate-06.rq PASS
Test test_12: syntax-aggregate-07.rq PASS
Test test_13: syntax-aggregate-08.rq PASS
Test test_14: syntax-aggregate-09.rq PASS
Test test_15: syntax-aggregate-10.rq PASS
Test test_16: syntax-aggregate-11.rq PASS
Test test_17: syntax-aggregate-12.rq PASS
Test test_18: syntax-aggregate-13.rq PASS
Test test_19: syntax-aggregate-14.rq PASS
Test test_20: syntax-aggregate-15.rq PASS
Test test_21: syntax-subquery-01.rq PASS
Test test_22: syntax-subquery-02.rq PASS
Test test_23: syntax-subquery-03.rq PASS
Test test_24: syntax-not-exists-01.rq PASS
Test test_25: syntax-not-exists-02.rq PASS
Test test_26: syntax-not-exists-03.rq PASS
Test test_27: syntax-exists-01.rq PASS
Test test_28: syntax-exists-02.rq PASS
Test test_29: syntax-exists-03.rq PASS
Test test_30: syntax-minus-01.rq PASS
Test test_31: syntax-oneof-01.rq PASS
Test test_32: syntax-oneof-02.rq PASS
Test test_33: syntax-oneof-03.rq PASS
Test test_34: syntax-bindingBINDscopes-01.rq PASS
Test test_35a: syntax-bindings-02a.rq with VALUES clause PASS
Test test_36a: syntax-bindings-03a.rq with VALUES clause PASS
Test test_38a: syntax-bindings-05a.rq with VALUES clause PASS
Test test_40: syntax-bind-02.rq PASS
Test test_41: syntax-construct-where-01.rq PASS
Test test_42: syntax-construct-where-02.rq PASS
Test test_43: syn-bad-01.rq FAIL
Test test_44: syn-bad-02.rq FAIL
Test test_45: syn-bad-03.rq PASS
Test test_46: syn-bad-04.rq PASS
Test test_47: syn-bad-05.rq PASS
Test test_48: syn-bad-06.rq PASS
Test test_49: syn-bad-07.rq PASS
Test test_50: syn-bad-08.rq PASS
Test test_51: syntax-bindings-09.rq PASS
Test test_53: PrefixName with hex-encoded colons PASS
Test test_54: PrefixName with unescaped colons PASS
Test test_55: syntax-BINDscope1.rq PASS
Test test_56: syntax-BINDscope2.rq PASS
Test test_57: syntax-BINDscope3.rq PASS
Test test_58: syntax-BINDscope4.rq PASS
Test test_59: syntax-BINDscope5.rq PASS
Test test_60: syntax-BINDscope6.rq PASS
Test test_61a: syntax-BINDscope7.rq PASS
Test test_62a: syntax-BINDscope8.rq PASS
Test test_63: syntax-propertyPaths-01.rq PASS
Test test_64: syntax-SELECTscope1.rq PASS
Test test_65: syntax-SELECTscope2 PASS
Test test_66: syntax-SELECTscope3.rq PASS
Test test_pn_01: syn-pname-01 PASS
Test test_pn_02: syn-pname-02 PASS
Test test_pn_03: syn-pname-03 PASS
Test test_pn_04: syn-pname-04 PASS
Test test_pn_05: syn-pname-05 PASS
Test test_pn_06: syn-pname-06 PASS
Test test_pn_07: syn-pname-07 PASS
Test test_pn_08: syn-pname-08 PASS
Test test_pn_09: syn-pname-09 PASS
Test test_pn_bad_01: syn-bad-pname-01 PASS
Test test_pn_bad_02: syn-bad-pname-02 PASS
Test test_pn_bad_03: syn-bad-pname-03 PASS
Test test_pn_bad_04: syn-bad-pname-04 PASS
Test test_pn_bad_05: syn-bad-pname-05 PASS
Test test_pn_bad_06: syn-bad-pname-06 FAIL
Test test_pn_bad_07: syn-bad-pname-07 PASS
Test test_pn_bad_08: syn-bad-pname-08 PASS
Test test_pn_bad_09: syn-bad-pname-09 PASS
Test test_pn_bad_10: syn-bad-pname-10 PASS
Test test_pn_bad_11: syn-bad-pname-11 PASS
Test test_pn_bad_12: syn-bad-pname-12 PASS
Test test_pn_bad_13: syn-bad-pname-13 PASS
Test test_pp_coll: syn-pp-in-collection PASS
Percentage passed out of 86 Tests 96.5%

Syntax Update 1

Test test_1: PASS
Test test_2: PASS
Test test_3: PASS
Test test_4: PASS
Test test_5: PASS
Test test_6: PASS
Test test_7: PASS
Test test_8: PASS
Test test_9: PASS
Test test_10: PASS
Test test_11: PASS
Test test_12: PASS
Test test_13: PASS
Test test_14: PASS
Test test_15: PASS
Test test_16: PASS
Test test_17: PASS
Test test_18: PASS
Test test_19: PASS
Test test_20: PASS
Test test_21: PASS
Test test_22: PASS
Test test_23: PASS
Test test_24: PASS
Test test_25: PASS
Test test_26: FAIL
Test test_27: FAIL
Test test_28: FAIL
Test test_29: PASS
Test test_30: PASS
Test test_31: PASS
Test test_32: PASS
Test test_33: PASS
Test test_34: PASS
Test test_35: PASS
Test test_36: FAIL
Test test_37: PASS
Test test_38: PASS
Test test_39: PASS
Test test_40: PASS
Test test_41: PASS
Test test_42: PASS
Test test_43: PASS
Test test_44: PASS
Test test_45: PASS
Test test_46: PASS
Test test_47: PASS
Test test_48: PASS
Test test_49: PASS
Test test_50: PASS
Test test_51: PASS
Test test_52: PASS
Test test_53: PASS
Test test_54: PASS
Percentage passed out of 54 Tests 92.6%

Syntax Update 2

Test syntax-update-other-01: syntax-update-other-01 PASS
Percentage passed out of 1 Tests 100.0%

Triple Match

Test dawg-triple-pattern-001: dawg-triple-pattern-001 PASS
Test dawg-triple-pattern-002: dawg-triple-pattern-002 PASS
Test dawg-triple-pattern-003: dawg-triple-pattern-003 PASS
Test dawg-triple-pattern-004: dawg-triple-pattern-004 PASS
Percentage passed out of 4 Tests 100.0%

Type Promotion

Test type-promotion-01: tP-double-double PASS
Test type-promotion-02: tP-double-float PASS
Test type-promotion-03: tP-double-decimal PASS
Test type-promotion-04: tP-float-float PASS
Test type-promotion-05: tP-float-decimal PASS
Test type-promotion-06: tP-decimal-decimal PASS
Test type-promotion-07: tP-integer-short PASS
Test type-promotion-08: tP-nonPositiveInteger-short PASS
Test type-promotion-09: tP-negativeInteger-short PASS
Test type-promotion-10: tP-long-short PASS
Test type-promotion-11: tP-int-short PASS
Test type-promotion-12: tP-short-short PASS
Test type-promotion-13: tP-byte-short PASS
Test type-promotion-14: tP-nonNegativeInteger-short PASS
Test type-promotion-15: tP-unsignedLong-short PASS
Test type-promotion-16: tP-unsignedInt-short PASS
Test type-promotion-17: tP-unsignedShort-short PASS
Test type-promotion-18: tP-unsignedByte-short PASS
Test type-promotion-19: tP-positiveInteger-short PASS
Test type-promotion-20: tP-short-double PASS
Test type-promotion-21: tP-short-float PASS
Test type-promotion-22: tP-short-decimal PASS
Test type-promotion-23: tP-short-short-fail PASS
Test type-promotion-24: tP-byte-short-fail PASS
Test type-promotion-25: tP-short-long-fail PASS
Test type-promotion-26: tP-short-int-fail PASS
Test type-promotion-27: tP-short-byte-fail PASS
Test type-promotion-28: tP-double-float-fail PASS
Test type-promotion-29: tP-double-decimal-fail PASS
Test type-promotion-30: tP-float-decimal-fail PASS
Percentage passed out of 30 Tests 100.0%

XPath operators

Test ge-1: Greater-than or equals PASS
Test le-1: Less-than or equals PASS
Test mul-1: Multiplication PASS
Test plus-1: Addition PASS
Test minus-1: Subtraction PASS
Test unplus-1: Unary Plusn PASS
Test unminus-1: Unary Minus PASS
Percentage passed out of 7 Tests 100.0%

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