Developer's Notes

2011-10-19 Name of Project

This project used to be call Typecast. Maybe that was better than the "silly" Platypus name? But, then again, "typecast" doesn't quite cover everything this library does.

2010-05-27 Alias for Overloadable#overload

I am not sure if I like con, sig or over better as a short alias for overload. I thought of +con+ becuase of it's double meaning as Latin for 'with' and as an abbreviation for 'conditional'. But it seems esoteric in practice, perhaps b/c it would be too general a term if we were programming in Spanish. While +over+ probably makes the most sense in terms of being an abbreviated form of overload, sig is the same number of characters as def and conveys some additional semantics which applies to method overloading --the signature.