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Plate comments are a mess

  • You can have comments on the plate itself.

  • But 90% of the time you want comments on the requests associated with the plate

  • Except these aren't event directly associated with the plate

  • Or even the wells on the plate.

  • Instead they come from wells further upstream

  • Oh, and typically all requests in a submission have identical comments

  • But showing the same comment to the user 96 times is just confusing

  • So we have a special scope to find comments.

  • And to add them

  • And then the API chokes when it tries to display the comment count, as it doesn't understand group by.

  • So we hack that

  • And then we weep every time anything changes

  • It would be vastly easier if comments just sat on submissions

  • Although even then we'd need to copy them across if work is re-requested.

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