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dolphin-redis is an extension enabling you to use redis as a backend to store your features.

This gem requires Dolphin 0.9.3.


Initialize Dolphin with your custom store

Instead of your traditional


You can now specify to use redis as follow:


Configure the Redis connector takes the following options:

store_key: specify the key you want to use inside Redis to store your features. This default to 'dolphin_features'.

In addition to that, the options hash is also transfered directly to the Redis connector (using the 'redis' gem). You can specify any options recognized by that gem, including:

host: Specify the host to connect to (defaults to 'localhost')
port: Specify the port to connect to (defaults to '6379')


Once Dolphin has been configured to use dolphin-redis as a custom feature store, you can use Dolphin as you always did. Just enjoy the power of the Redis.


Redis is a datastructure server, which is contacted regularly using a network connection. If the server can't be contacted for any reason (network failure, …), all your features will be turned off (instead of failing every request).


Copyright © 2012 Vivien Barousse, released under the MIT license