Merch Calendar

This gem allows for finding merch weeks for a given date, along with manipulating the retail calendar.


bash $ gem install merch_calendar

Add the following line to your Gemfile: ruby gem "merch_calendar"


ruby # NOTE: Configuration will be added soon, but is currently NOT available. MerchCalendar.configure do |config| # The month that Q1 begins. The default is 8 (August) config.quarter_start_month = 8 end


For converting a date into a MerchWeek object.

```ruby merch_week = MerchCalendar::MerchWeek.from_date(“2014-01-01”) puts merch_week.year # 2013 (the merch year associated with this date) puts merch_week.month # 12 (the julian month that the date falls in) puts merch_week.week # 5 (the week number within the month) puts merch_week.year_week # 48 (the week number within the year) puts merch_week.quarter # 2

puts merch_week.start_of_week # <Date: 2013-12-29> puts merch_week.end_of_week #

puts merch_week.start_of_month # puts merch_week.end_of_month #

puts merch_week.start_of_quarter # puts merch_week.end_of_quarter #

puts merch_week.start_of_year # puts merch_week.end_of_year #


puts merch_week.to_s # “Dec W5” puts merch_week.to_s(:short) # “Dec W5” puts merch_week.to_s(:long) # “2013:48 Dec W5” puts merch_week.to_s(:elasticsearch) # “2013-12w05” ```

This can also be used on the MerchCalendar module. All start_ and end_ methods can be called, along with a few additional ones.

```ruby # All examples below return a Date object for the start of May within the 2014 merch year MerchCalendar.start_of_month(2014, 5) MerchCalendar.start_of_month(2014, month: 5) MerchCalendar.start_of_month(2014, julian_month: 5)

This is the same as May, because “Merch” months are shifted by 1.

# i.e. month 1 is actually February # You probably will never use this, but it is available. MerchCalendar.start_of_month(2014, merch_month: 4) ```

Other useful methods:

```ruby # 52 or 53 (depending on leap year) MerchCalendar.weeks_in_year(2015)

returns an array of MerchWeek objects for each week within the provided month

MerchCalendar.weeks_for_month(2014, 1) ```


  • More detailed Yardoc
  • Support for 4-4-5 calendars


MerchCalendar is released under the MIT License.