RDocView is a real-time viewer of RDoc/Markdown/Textile which used WebSocket.


gem install rdoc-view


rdoc-view [-p port] [-o addr] [-t type] [--html] filename

  -p port        set the port (default is 4567)
  -o addr        set the host (default is
  -t type        set the document type (rdoc,textile,md or markdown)
                 if omits, judging from the extension
  -h, --html     convert to html.

browse localhost:4567/ and edit filename by your favorite editor. Change of a file is detected and a rendering is carried out in real time.

Example.1 (Realtime Viewer)

$ rdoc-view README.md
$ google-chrome http://localhost:4567/ &
$ vim README.md

Example.2 (Convert to HTML)

$ rdoc-view --html README.md > README.html

Blog post

Japanese: mt.orz.at/archives/2012/11/realtimeviewerr.html

Support Browser

  • Google Chrome

  • Firefox


  • MIT License