Tango Card - Rewards as a Service™

RaaS® API - Gift Card API

The documentation for the RaaS API has moved to the Tango Card website!

Find it here: RaaS API Documentation

With the RESTful RaaS API you can integrate a global reward or incentive program into your platform.

Our API is made to support multiple account structures. Following platform setup and authentication, the following resources are available:

  • CREATE AN ACCOUNT - Versatility to create multiple account structures to support many use cases
  • GET ACCOUNT INFORMATION - Call up information about accounts in your platform
  • REGISTER A CREDIT CARD - Securely save up to 10 credit cards to accounts with our third-party payment partner
  • FUND AN ACCOUNT - Call up your saved credit card(s) and use them to fund accounts
  • DELETE A CREDIT CARD - Remove saved credit cards for good
  • GET THE CATALOG - Call up our catalog of e-gift cards, donations, prepaid visas, and bitcoin e-gift cards
  • PLACE AN ORDER - Place an order for a reward. Choose whether Tango Card delivers the reward via email
  • RESEND A REWARD EMAIL - Simply resend a reward that has already been placed
  • GET ORDER INFORMATION - Call up order information about an individual order
  • GET ORDER HISTORY - Call up a list of orders for an account