Work in Progress

This project is at it's early stages. Many changes will happen. Please do not make use of it as of yet. It's available here in order to be able to discuss the project.



The goal of this framework is to provide Ruby wrapper classes to manipulate GUI control elements in SketchUp's UI::WebDialog API.

It is forked from the TT::GUI module from the TT_LibĀ² library.

Hello World

w =
b = 'Hello' ) { puts 'World! :)' }
b.position( 10, 5 )
w.add_control( b )

Version compatibility

Once version 1 is release, updates should preserve backwards compatibility within their major version. Breaking changes will be scheduled for next major version release.


The library is licensed under the MIT license, but if you fork the project please ensure to change the root namespace so it doesn't conflict with the original work.


  • SketchUp 6+
  • Windows: Internet Explorer 8+ *
  • OSX: ?

* RGBa colour values will display as opaque RGB in IE8

  • SketchUp 7+
  • Windows: Internet Explorer 9+
  • OSX: ?