Build Status

Wow packer. Cross platform package manager


  • > Ruby 2.0.0

Planned features

  • Distribute files(Copying file on user computer)
  • Create some command line executables and add them to PATH
  • Create some desktop application link
  • Change version of a program(Rvm style): Switch active version of the program(Only the active version program will be added to the path)



Pack the code into a package read to upload to the server Platform option:

  • any: This will include all the files for all the platforms specified in the config.If the overal files is src/ the unix sepcific config contains files=['unix/'] and windows specific config contains files=['windows/'] then all the 3 folder will be include in the package. On the other hand if files_exclude is used in platform specific then it will be ignored for building a package.
  • <plaform: This will only include the files for the platform, excluding the files for the other platform. If the platform as subplatform the same apply as any for the subplatforms.