Module: Rmega::Errors

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Classes: ServerError

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Check out the error codes list at (section 11)

  -1  => 'An internal error has occurred. Please submit a bug report, detailing the exact circumstances in which this error occurred.',
  -2  => 'You have passed invalid arguments to this command.',
  -3  => 'A temporary congestion or server malfunction prevented your request from being processed. No data was altered. Retry. Retries must be spaced with exponential backoff.',
  -4  => 'You have exceeded your command weight per time quota. Please wait a few seconds, then try again (this should never happen in sane real-life applications).',
  -5  => 'The upload failed. Please restart it from scratch.',
  -6  => 'Too many concurrent IP addresses are accessing this upload target URL.',
  -7  => 'The upload file packet is out of range or not starting and ending on a chunk boundary.',
  -8  => 'The upload target URL you are trying to access has expired. Please request a fresh one.',
  -9  => 'Object (typically, node or user) not found',
  -10 => 'Circular linkage attempted',
  -11 => 'Access violation (e.g., trying to write to a read-only share)',
  -12 => 'Trying to create an object that already exists',
  -13 => 'Trying to access an incomplete resource',
  -14 => 'A decryption operation failed (never returned by the API)',
  -15 => 'Invalid or expired user session, please relogin',
  -16 => 'User blocked',
  -17 => 'Request over quota',
  -18 => 'Resource temporarily not available, please try again later',
  -19 => 'Too many connections on this resource',
  -20 => 'Write failed',
  -21 => 'Read failed',
  -22 => 'Invalid application key; request not processed',