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A mountable CMS engine for Rails 4.


This engine is simply released to provide a basic, but full-featured CMS solution for Rails applications. It is not indented to mimic or become an all-inclusive Wordpress system.


Include the gem in your Gemfile:

gem 'guts', "~> 1.0"
# or for master: gem "guts", git: "[email protected]:tyler-king/guts.git"

Next, run the following commands:

bundle # fetches the new gem
bundle exec rake guts:install:migrations # installs Guts migrations
bundle exec rake db:migrate # load migrations into your database
bundle exec rake guts:db:seed # pre-configures some content type, groups, etc (creates an "Admins" group which is important)
bubdle exec rake guts:user:create[{name},{email},{password},true] # creates a user (replace the values)

Open config/routes.rb in your Rails application and add:

mount Guts::Engine => "/admin"

You will now be able to access Guts by visiting /admin in your Rails application.


See configurations in docs.


See extra under docs for information.


YARD is used for documentation generation of the code itself. You may run bundle exec yardoc in this repository and then open doc/index.html to view.


To see all commands available simply run bundle exec rake -T guts. It contains tasks for user cretion, user deletion, changing user passwords, database seeds for install, and migration installs.


  • Unit tested and documented
  • Dynamic content types
  • File management
  • Image processing via Paperclip
  • WYSIWYG via TinyMCE (with custom plugin which uses the file management)
  • Metafields
  • Dynamic navigation builders
  • Categories
  • Basic user management
  • Basic user groups
  • Basic session management
  • And more...


Check out this album for some screenshots.


  • Write usage guides
  • Create a project page
  • Generators for installing (useful?)
  • Add configurable roles for users (suggestions?)


This project is released under the "BSD New" license. See LICENSE file for more details.