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GraphQL::SchemaComparator is a GraphQL Schema comparator. What does that mean? GraphQL::SchemaComparator takes two GraphQL schemas and outputs a list of changes between versions. This is useful for many things:

  • Breaking Change detection
  • Applying custom rules to schema changes
  • Building automated tools like linters


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'graphql-schema_comparator'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install graphql-schema_comparator


GraphQL::SchemaComparator comes with a handy CLI to help compare two schemas using the command line.

After a gem install graphql-schema_comparator, use the CLI this way:

  schema_comparator compare OLD_SCHEMA NEW_SCHEMA  # Compares OLD_SCHEMA with NEW_SCHEMA and returns a list of changes
  schema_comparator help [COMMAND]                 # Describe available commands or one specific command

Where OLD_SCHEMA and NEW_SCHEMA can be a string containing a schema IDL or a filename where that IDL is located.


$ ./bin/schema_comparator compare "type Query { a: A } type A { a: String } enum B { A_VALUE }" "type Query { a: A } type A { b: String } enum B { A_VALUE ANOTHER_VALUE }"
⏳  Checking for changes...
🎉  Done! Result:

Detected the following changes between schemas:

🛑  Field `a` was removed from object type `A`
⚠️  Enum value `ANOTHER_VALUE` was added to enum `B`
✅  Field `b` was added to object type `A`


GraphQL::SchemaComparator, provides a simple api for Ruby applications to use.


The compare method takes two arguments, old_schema and new_schema, the two schemas to compare.

You may provide schema IDL as strings, or provide instances of GraphQL::Schema.

The result of compare returns a SchemaComparator::Result object, from which you can access information on the changes between the two schemas.

  • result.breaking? returns true if any breaking changes were found between the two schemas
  • result.identical? returns true if the two schemas were identical
  • result.breaking_changes returns the list of breaking changes found between schemas.
  • result.non_breaking_changes returns the list of non-breaking changes found between schemas.
  • result.dangerous_changes returns the list of dangerous changes found between schemas.
    • result.changes returns the full list of change objects.

Change Objects

GraphQL::SchemaComparator returns a list of change objects. These change objects all inherit from Changes::AbstractChange

Possible changes are all found in changes.rb.

Change Criticality

Each change object has a #criticality method which returns a Changes::Criticality object. This objects defines how dangerous a change is to a schema.

The different levels of criticality (non_breaking, dangerous, breaking) are explained here:

The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.