YaST Installation Framework

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This repository contains an installation framework based on the shared functionality provided by yast2 project, especially on these libraries.

The framework typically calls different experts in the field, such as Network, Storage or Users plug-ins to do the real job according to an installation workflow described in a particular control file for:

More subject-specific pieces of information can be found in the doc directory.

  • URL handling in the installer for an overview of the URLs supported in various places, including cd:, cifs:, device:, disk:, dvd:, file:, ftp:, hd:, http:, https:, iso:, label:, nfs:, rel:, relurl:, repo:, slp:, smb:, tftp:, usb:.

Live Installation

The standard and supported way for openSUSE/SLE installation is to boot directly into the installation program, without anything else running.

An unsupported alternative is to boot a Live CD/Live USB and start the installation from its desktop.


There used to be a separate package yast2-live-installer which was dropped from SLES-12-SP3 in 2016/17: FATE321360 (non-public link).

Then Live Installation was brought back in yast2-installation (this repo) around 2019/2020 but the status is a bit unclear.


A Jira epic PM-1565 exists to clarify: "The possibility to Install directly from LiveCD was dead and now it's resurrected, but can't work without a lot of effort".

There's a matching team Trello card PM-1565-PBI (non-public link), not yet scheduled to be worked on.


This module is developed as part of YaST. See the development documentation.

Getting the Sources

To get the source code, clone the GitHub repository:

$ git clone https://github.com/yast/yast-installation.git

If you want to contribute into the project you can fork the repository and clone your fork.


If you have any question, feel free to ask at the development mailing list or at the #yast IRC channel on libera.chat.