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Fuckyeah is a drop-in solution for refactoring your code, specs, models and anything else you dare to refactor. No dependencies, intuitive API, works fine with all Rubies, full test coverage and YARD documentation.


Method Description Implementation
#fuckyeah Makes code more sophisticated. self.clone
#fuckyeah! Makes code more confident. self
#fuckyeah? Reassures you that you're doing the right thing. true

Use #fuckyeah when it hurts, just like you'd use a Band-Aid.

Use #fuckyeah! when you are proud of yourself.

Use #fuckyeah? when you need to be reassured:

require 'fileutils'
require 'fuckyeah'

include Fuckyeah

FileUtils.rm_rf '/' if fuckyeah?

We've got a full test coverage suite. Well, almost. It doesn't cover every object anyway, so fork and extend if you like, and I'll merge it back. And don’t forget to pull request your real world experience with #fuckyeah.

Monkeypatch Object to get an unleashed experience:

class Object
  include Fuckyeah

eval 'Fuckyeah'.fuckyeah! #=> Fuckyeah