DNC Daemon

DNC Daemon is a Ruby application for the management of a three-node file control system.


See documentation on RubyDoc


Each of these folder locations is configured in config.yaml.

  • CAM Folder: Template programs are stored here, ready for production.
  • Outgoing Folder: Copies of files from CAM, to be sent to the floor.
  • Incoming Folder: Programs returned to the floor, possibly with modifications.

You can also configure the polling frequency at which files are processed.

See the config-example.yaml for reference.


Run ruby run.rb.


  • rufus-scheduler


  1. On startup, the Daemon will cache File handlers to all available template programs in cam/, and child programs in incoming/ and outgoing/.

  2. The Daemon will match the template files with existing files in incoming/ and outgoing/ and if any are found, will move them both into timestamped folders inside the template cam/ directory.

  3. The Daemon will stay on and continue to process files at the time interval specified in config.yaml.