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rublox is a Roblox web API wrapper written in Ruby. It aims to provide an object oriented interface to get and modify data from Roblox's web API.


Include rublox in your application's Gemfile

gem "rublox", "~> 0.2.0"

or run

$ gem install rublox

on your terminal.

Getting started

The gateway to the API is the Rublox::Client object. You can initialize it with your .ROBLOSECURITY cookie if you need functionality that needs it.

# Without a cookie
client =
# With a cookie
client ="_|WARNING:-DO-NOT-SHARE-THIS.--Sharing-this ...")

(if you open-source/work with other people on your application, it is recommended to keep your cookie in a .env file and load it with a library like dotenv)

From there, you can build off your application's logic with methods provided via Rublox::Client


You can access the documentation at