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Implements TomDoc syntax for YARD. 'Nuff said.


Since yard-tomdoc is a standard YARD plugin, utilize it with yard's --plugin option.

$ yard --plugin yard-tomdoc [...]



Before you use yard-tomdoc you should read about the differences between YARD and TomDoc syntax here.

Note that the YARD TomDoc plugin now supports a superset of TomDoc's syntax which provides additional YARD functionality via cap-tags. For example using Author: James Deam in the documentation is equivalent to using @author James Dean in regular YARD syntax. Support is limited but it opens up much more of the YARD goodness to TomDoc users then the old blog post geiven above suggests.


Huge thanks to Loren Segal, the creator of YARD and the original author of this plugin. Without his patient assistance and coding genius, this library would not have been possible.


YARD TomDoc is copyrighted open-source software.

Copyright (c) 2010 Rubyworks. All rights reserved.

YARD TomDoc can be modified and redistributed in accordance with the terms of the MIT licsnse.

See the LICENSE.txt file for details.