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Shop System Plugins - Terms of use

This terms of use regulates warranty and liability between Wirecard Central Eastern Europe (subsequently referred to as WDCEE) and it’s contractual partners (subsequently referred to as customer or customers) which are related to the use of plugins provided by WDCEE.

The Plugin is provided by WDCEE free of charge for it’s customers and must be used for the purpose of WDCEE’s payment platform integration only. It explicitly is not part of the general contract between WDCEE and it’s customer. The plugin has successfully been tested under specific circumstances which are defined as the shopsystem’s standard configuration (vendor’s delivery state). The Customer is responsible for testing the plugin’s functionality before putting it into production environment. The customer uses the plugin at own risk. WDCEE does not guarantee it’s full functionality neither does WDCEE assume liability for any disadvantage related to the use of this plugin. By installing the plugin into the shopsystem the customer agrees to the terms of use. Please do not use this plugin if you do not agree to the terms of use!

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Modules: Common Classes: Helper, Notification, Return

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.notification(post, options) ⇒ Object

# File 'lib/offsite_payments/integrations/wirecard_checkout_page.rb', line 19

def self.notification(post, options), options)

.return(postdata, options) ⇒ Object

# File 'lib/offsite_payments/integrations/wirecard_checkout_page.rb', line 23

def self.return(postdata, options), options)