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# File 'lib/babushka/pkg_helpers/binports_helper.rb', line 16

def manager_key; :binports end


Regarding FreeBSD binary packages the following should be noted:

pkg_add uses PACKAGESITE and PACKAGEROOT environment variables
to calculate the URL to download packages from.

If you're using outdated FreeBSD RELEASE branch (like 6.2-release)
that does not have anymore it's public package repository, please
either consider to move to the STABLE one (like 6-release)
or set PACKAGESITE var to point to appropriate package repository.

# File 'lib/babushka/pkg_helpers/binports_helper.rb', line 13

def pkg_binary; 'pkg_add' end


# File 'lib/babushka/pkg_helpers/binports_helper.rb', line 14

def pkg_cmd; "#{pkg_binary} -r" end


# File 'lib/babushka/pkg_helpers/binports_helper.rb', line 15

def pkg_type; :tbz end