Class: Babushka::PacmanHelper

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Class Method Details


How packages should be specified in deps, e.g. “via :apt, 'zsh'”

# File 'lib/babushka/pkg_helpers/pacman_helper.rb', line 7

def manager_key; :pacman end


The name of the binary itself

# File 'lib/babushka/pkg_helpers/pacman_helper.rb', line 6

def pkg_binary; "pacman" end


The full command to run the package manager

# File 'lib/babushka/pkg_helpers/pacman_helper.rb', line 5

def pkg_cmd; "#{pkg_binary}" end


a description of the type of package, that makes sense in the context of, e.g. “the zsh deb”

# File 'lib/babushka/pkg_helpers/pacman_helper.rb', line 4

def pkg_type; :package end