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Ruby client for the Scrapyd REST API built on top of rest-core.


gem install rest-scrapyd

or, when using a Gemfile

gem 'rest-scrapyd'

and run bundle install.


require 'rest-scrapyd'

r = site: ""
r.listprojects# => ["project1", "project2"]

r.listspiders(project: "project1")# => ["spider1", "spider2"]

# connect to default site at http://localhost:6800/
r = and set a default project

r.project = "project1"
r.listspiders# => ["spider1", "spider2"]

r.listversions# => ["123456-master"]

# you can also specify a default project on construction
r = project: "project1"
r.schedule("spider1", "123456-master")# => "1234567890abcdef1234567890abcdef"

# http basic is also possible, when running scrapyd behind a reverse proxy
r = site: "", username: "deploy", password: "s3cret"

For more information, see the RestScrapyd and Scrapyd API documentation.


Copyright © 2015 wvengen, released under the MIT license.